How To Make Money Fast in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas carl in the alley with money t-shirt

GTA San Andreas provided valuable developments with numerous airplanes and an interesting gang mode, which could not be found in the other parts of the series. You can also look forward to new jobs that you perform in the game to earn money faster.

Accumulate money in San Andreas

  • To get money quickly in GTA San Andreas, you have several options. Still known from the predecessors are the cab rides. To do this, get into the typical yellow vehicle and activate the missions.
  • Such jobs are also available with fire engines and police and military vehicles. Besides, you can deliver pizza by scooter.
  • Additional income can be acquired by collecting money from passers-by. But be careful: every murder leads to increasing attention from the police.
  • Other sources of income are the docks, where you can deliver vehicles. To do this, look for boards placed next to the large cranes that show you which vehicle is currently needed. Then place it in the red zone.
  • You can collect a lot of money by completing missions. These take up a lot of time, but get you further in the game.

Conquer the city in GTA San Andreas with patience

  • If you want to earn good money permanently, you should think about making investments. Because these can also be found in San Andreas and allow you to build an additional source of income.
  • This possibility can be compared to buying an apartment that is given to tenants. Here you can enjoy regular income that will eventually exceed the purchase sum.
  • To make an investment, you need to look for businesses for sale in San Andreas. This is possible, for example, at the forwarding company RS Haul. Here you can accept truck missions and transport goods. Once you have completed a certain number of missions, a currency icon will appear here, which will recharge at regular intervals up to 2000 US dollars.
  • You can find similar investments distributed throughout San Andreas. Sometimes these only become visible after certain missions, sometimes they have to be acquired.