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Grand Theft Auto V

We cover everything about GTA 5 such as Cheats, Guides, Mods, Locations, and News.

Cheat Codes

Cheats can help you get past several obstacles that are sometimes the cause of disappointment for several players. With cheat codes well-designed for all platforms, GTA Cache can resolve the anguish of gamers and making the game more amusing. From Max Health & Armor to the point you becoming invincible and from Xbox to your personal computers, GTA Cache has got all the cheat codes to keep you engaged with the game.

Mods & Scripts

Mods can be extremely fun and can enhance your gameplay to a different level. Our mods expert Max Edwards brings all his expertise in coding to deliver you with all the latest modifications that will leave you amazed and hooked to the game for hours. We have more than 500 different Mods available to choose from on our website. You might recognize Menyoo, Kiddion and Impulse menu, these are the best trainers for GTA V.

Guides & Tutorials

Get our extensive guides and tutorials and start your journey in becoming a pro. We have an array of latest Grand Theft Auto guides that will bring your A-game to life. Our guides crafted by the talented and experienced Edward Carr will let you explore the game as you’ve never done before. Our guides will enhance your gaming skills and help you to enjoy the game more.

Map Locations

Secret locations and hottest spots have been a gamers delight for every Grand Theft Auto series. As for those who are still confused about where to find them, GTA Cache brings a host of articles that will guide you to one. Concealed locations carry several weapons and rare cars and filled with lots of useful stuff. Find all of them with our expert guides from Edward Carr.

News & Updates

Keep yourself informed with the latest news and updates in the world of Grand Theft Auto at GTA Cache. Linda Nichols cover all the latest happenings in and around the game to expand your GTA V knowledge base. With frequent updates and statistics, GTA Cache is one place for all your answers.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

We cover everything about GTA San Andreas such as Cheats, Guides, Mods and Locations.

Cheat Codes



Who And What is GTA Cache?

GTA Cache was started by Edward Carr who has worked closely with Rockstar Games in the past. With great contributors like Linda Nichols and Max Edward, our site covers everything about the Grand Theft Auto-series. We have a combined 26 years of GTA experience and together we’re running GTACache.com.

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Grand Theft Auto has been fascinating millions for decades, and many thrive on conquering the game. But several players fail in their conquest. At GTA Cache, we promise to help you triumph over the competition and make you a better player with the latest updates and tools.

Guided by our team of dedicated and professional writers, you are guaranteed to become a better player every time you visit GTA cache.

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Our writers are exceptional and well-versed with all the variations of the Grand Theft Auto series. Their profound love for the game and expertise adorns all our content, meaning that you get the best from the best.

We try to provide great value regarding your experience here and to improve your game with definite and devoted articles. Our years of GTA experience ensure that you unearth the deepest secrets of the game.

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