How to Create A Crew in GTA 5 Online

Learn how to make your own crew in GTA Online by Edward Carr.

GTA Online is loaded with gaming features. Your level of experience and what you are capable of doing with GTA 5 will dictate whether you should get a crew or not.

What is a crew?

Crews are characters that come together to band and lend a helping hand to one another for criminal activities. Ranking up and joining in a crew will definitely unlock unique bonuses including increased reputation.

Now, if you decide that you want your own crew, that therefore means that you need to know how to create a crew in GTA 5 Online.

This is what you must need to learn in order to achieve your goals. There are certain challenges or missions that require a crew for successful completion. So, let us settle down to explore how to make your own crew in GTA Online.

The Merits of Forming a Crew

One of the major dreams of every game player of reckon is to learn how to create a crew in GTA 5 Online. The benefit of forming a crew cannot be over-emphasized. There are some challenges or missions that must require the formation of a crew if you must be completely successful at them.

Let us have a cursory look into the benefits of forming a crew:

  • When you form a crew, you and your crew members will have to wear the same custom emblem. It is like a uniform which all crew members must wear for the purpose of identification.
  • The formation of a crew requires the ranking up of the members within the crew hierarchy. Members will be required to move from one lower level to a much higher level.
  • Members will earn RP/XP bonuses just by becoming mere members of a crew as stored in GTA Online.
  • Members of a crew are expected to resist every form of rivalry and also accomplish things together.
Crew gang

Creating Your Own Crew in GTA Online

It is very simple and easy to create a crew in the GTA 5 Online. This is what will basically expose how to make a crew in GTA 5 Online. The steps are very easy to follow.

  • Navigate to the Social Club website online and sign up for the Social Club Account especially when you have not subscribed to the Social Club. After signing up, then you sign into the Social Club online platform.
  • Simply click on the Crew tab just at the top of the screen.
  • Locate “Create a Crew” just below the image at the top of the page and click on it.
  • Select the type of Crew you want and also enter the details of the Crew. Thereafter click “SAVE THIS CREW.” The Crew’s name must be unique or special such that it must not have been used by any other person before.

Finally, you are done and the Crew has been created. Note that you can only be a leader of one Crew at a time.

The Hierarchical Order of A Crew

The crew has its own Organogram or what is called hierarchy as you look forward to knowing how to create a crew in GTA Online.

Each crew is comprised of a leader, commissioners, lieutenants, representatives and muscles. As it has been said earlier that it is only allowed for a game player to be a leader of a Crew at only one time all together.

The implication of this is that you cannot lead two or more Crews at the same time. This is not possible. And as the Crew members resist rivalry and accomplish things or complete successful missions together, there will be ranking up within the Crew.

A player from Muscle can move to Representatives and even go further on successful missions.

Final Words

The Crew update was released after the emergence of Max Payne 3. Players can come together to form a Crew which must be headed by a leader. But a leader is not permitted to lead more than one Crew at a time.

Apart from a leader the other members or titles in a typical Crew are commissioners, lieutenants, representatives and muscles. Getting to know how to create a crew is very simple as the steps to doing that has been outlined above. I hope this article has done justice to creating a crew in GTA Online.