Beginners Guide to GTA 5 Online

Learn how to play GTA Online with tips and tricks by Edward Carr.

GTA Online is a very massive game played online. If you want to try something that is a little bit different, you will not get the satisfaction that you need. GTA Online will give you everything that you need. Over the years, GTA has become very popular and has come to stay in the gaming world.

The GTA series has evolved until the Grand Theft Auto 5, which is the series that we have at the moment. GTA Online is enjoying very huge fan based at the moment as it is the face of the global gaming community.

Based on its popularity and what it stands to offer, so many game players have been searching for how to play GTA Online.

When you want to play online, you play with a multiple number game players at any given time. This article will explain in great detail how GTA Online will be played to have a maximum satisfaction.

What is GTA Online?

Getting to know how to play online begins with what GTA Online actually is.

The moment you enter the game, you must stay on your toes as you may be somebody’s target. You can have what can be described as a game mode in GTA Online. Let us quickly look at the game modes.

The single player mode: it is very possible for you as a game player to play the game on a solo ground. If you want to go solo in GTA Online, simply load the story mode and choose GTA Online from the given menu as invite only. The downside of the single or solo mode is the fact that your character’s development will be somewhat restricted.

The multiplayer-mode: this practically has everything to do with playing with several players online. This is simply the best method to hook up with other game players online.

In this mode, your character’s development is not restricted, and you can spawn whatever instanced events you prefer the most. In this way, you are on your way to having fun and also be ready to begin to complete your missions as you as well become very careful not to be a target by any game player.

Joining GTA:O via dashboard in-game

When You Join GTA Online For The First Time

When you eventually take a step to launch yourself into the GTA Online platform for game players, you must watch out for certain things that are germane to your gaming. And that is the more reason why, especially new players must learn how to play GTA Online.

You need some tips that will help you to succeed as a game player. For example, as you arrive at the GTA Online, you must watch out for white dots.

The white dots actually represent the other game players that are sharing your server with you. They might be on the move for their own mission or may even be blood thirsty. Therefore, you must take cover in a store or a business environment where you cannot be harmed.

Play with others

Another tip that will assist you in your game in GTA Online is to look for some friends or some foes as the case may be. You can send an invite to people to come and join your crew or you can patiently wait for someone else to initiate an invite and you join their group.

When you are in a group and you play together, it will increase your reputation points and consequently, your rank. So, group play is the way to go!

Study the GTA Online Tutorial

At every point in the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist, you must be ready to learn how to play GTA 5 Online. You are not just expected to just launch yourself into the game platform, even though you may be able to navigate your way into the platform.

After you complete the Prologue of the main single player game, you can then proceed to complete the tutorial section on the platform.

You will actually have a great deal to learn from the tutorial. This tutorial will have a far-reaching effect on your game going forward. So, study and study very well.

How to find the tutorial

Now, to gain access to the tutorial section, press and hold down the d-pad on your gaming console. This will bring up the character selection wheel. Then choose the downward segment, which represents the GTA Online character.

Another method of doing this is to pause the game, select the online menu tab and then select the Play GTA Online option. In the process, you will be taken to the page that will require you to create your own character.

The character creator will of course be the determinant to your own appearance and features before you are finally launched into the platform. You are now ready to begin your destiny in this virtual world and then commence your missions.

Your Next Action in GTA Online

Having watched out for the white dots and at the same time joined a group for a group play, you must note your next action as it is instrumental to how to play GTA Online.

Get a good car

The very first goal is to acquire a good car through stealing. Do not just steal any car you see at the first sight. This is because it will be the car you will continue to use until you have the financial capacity to purchase another one. Therefore, steal a car that will be nice and comfortable to use over a long time.

You need good weapons

The second thing is to get a good gun. The virtual world of the GTA Online is very unpredictable. You must be on the alert at any point in time. You do not want to go about without being armed to the teeth. At least a good pistol will do the job of protecting yourself or getting involved in case any combat should such occur.

Purchase a garage

The next thing to do is to purchase a garage. This is something you will really need. With this, you can store your fleet of cars when you begin to acquire them in style. And if you sign up for the Rockstar Social Club Account, you will have a chance of getting a free car from the Legendary Motorsports.

peyote vapid

Insure Your Vehicle

In GTA Online, you hardly can do anything without a vehicle. Since you have learnt that you can acquire a car through stealing, bonus gift and or purchase, you also need to learn how you should keep or protect the car.

So, how do you protect your vehicle? You can do this by insuring the car. And that is the very reason why you need the knowledge of how to play GTA Online with our tips and tricks.

You must understand that only cars that are fitted with car trackers are allowed to be insured. You have to protect your cars because anything can actually happen to the car. It can be damaged in a car accident, stolen or gets involved in a loss.

In the eventual situation of loss, theft or accidental damage, simply make a telephone call to the insurance company. And there is going to be an immediate replacement when a request is placed to that effect.

The replaced car is directly delivered to you, and it will still possess an insurance full coverage.

Of course, just like the real world, getting an insurance cover is not free of charge. It comes at a cost. The cost is about 10 percent of the original cost of the insurance premium. Insurance is the way to go keep you fleet of cars protected.

GTA Online RP rank up 7000

Build Your Reputation Points

Learning to gradually rank up is part of getting to know how to play GTA 5 Online. You must religiously concentrate on building this reputation.

You can get involved in some events that will give you little points until you begin to try events that will yield a high reputation events in their thousands.

For example, running short distances can fetch you some few points. You can also annoy a cop and then try to evade the cop. This will equally get you some reputation points, however small it may be.

When you do certain jobs and also generally help fellow game players will make you a good sportsmanship. This will not only earn you a good reputation points, but also award you with some cash bonus.

Do not yell at people because it will cause your reputation points to reduce considerably. In the same vein, do not just move around aimlessly. Purposeless movement might cause you a great deal as some dumb ass game players may decide to shoot a sniper shot at you and murder you in cold blood.

So, always take refuge in a store or a business place where since violence is not allowed in such places. Generally, the higher your reputation points the higher your rank will be. And the better your privileges will be.

Low Risk Money Making

Making money is a tip you must learn to put in practice. The Diamond Casino heist is not like every other standard game where you may not need to consider some of these tips. The Diamond Casino and Resort Heist is unique and special because you actually need tips to survive.

So, you can start making money through the stealing of specific cars. When you move around the town, simply look around to steal an everyday car that is marketable and high demand. After stealing, take the car to the Los Santos Customs shop where the car will be sold for you to have some cash.

Do not go about stealing rare cars because they are not in high demand and are not marketable. You are only permitted to sell one car per in-game which is about 45 minutes in real world time.

You need to do all you can within the time frame, especially when you combine it with another activity. You can also earn a good chunk of money via Simeon, who will send a message to you on your mobile phone.

He will demand for a specific car which, when it is delivered to him will fetch you some good amount of money.

franklin with money on bed

High Risk Money Making

As earlier posited, getting money is very relevant in GTA Online. There are a variety of ways to make money. You can make money through low risk activities. In the same vein, money can also be made from high risk activities.

This tip is paramount to how to play GTA Online the right way. A very high-risk activity will yield a high amount of money. That is to say that the higher the risk, the higher the money that will be realized.

The lower the risk, the lower the amount of money that will be realized. You must be strategic when you want to carry out any high-risk activity. One of such high-risk activity is the robbing of a business store.

First and foremost, before you go for any high-risk activity, the very first thing to do is to purchase a face mask from a store for you to cover your face so that you are not recognized.

Having done this, make sure that you equip yourself with the weapon that you need to be successful in the operation. After this, you can shoot into the store fixing to scare the shopkeeper into giving up the cash to you. But be careful because some shopkeeper will want to shoot back at you.

The police will want to give you a hot chase, but you must employ the skill to be evasive and find your escape route.

Another high risk method is to start doing heists for even more money.

Do Stunt Races

A greater percentage of game players opt to get involved in missions that will yield some money in order for them to be able to do a lot of things.

One of the events that will enable you to get some cash is the Stunt Races. Apart from getting some cash, the Stunt Races will also enable you to steadily level up as fast as possible.

One of the tricks that you can employ to perpetually win a Stunt Race is to try to hit some curbs while you move. Earning more racing wins is very important to you as a game player. This will help you to unlock some or all of the car upgrades including the modifications as well.

The Stunt Race will enable you to move slowly but steadily. The cash involved may be little, but at least when gathered over the time will be enough to commence something very great.

It will enable you to rank up to unlock some weapons and even some exotic car that you can make use of. Some game players actually used the Stunt Race as a pedestal to climb to a higher level.

GTA 5 cash bundle money drop

Deposit Your Cash

Every step is very important and of course will be an integral part of how to play GTA Online. When you carry out an activity, whether it is a low risk or a high risk, you will make your money provided that you are successful in the mission.

And when you get your money, do not go about carrying cash around. That will be counterproductive. The notes could drop from your pocket or the wind could blow some notes away and some people will pick the notes.

Therefore, what you need to do when you have some physical cash with you is to deposit the cash into the bank. You can make the deposit in two ways.

Firstly, you can utilize the opportunity of the electronic deposit service on your mobile phone to quickly make the deposit.

The second way that you can make your cash deposit is through the use of an ATM provided that there is anyone close by. Ultimately, the mobile phone service for cash deposit is by far preferred since it is almost effortless.

bounty hunting

Make Use of the Bounty Hunting System

The bounty hunting system was introduced by Rockstar. And this has spiced up the GTA Online game. The bounty hunting system has come with numerous benefits for those game players who have decided to make use of the opportunity.

This bounty hunting system can be unlocked the moment you get to level 10. At this level, you have to have a meeting with Lester to unlock the ability to place bounties on the heads of game players.

As you can place a bounty on other game players, they can also place a bounty on your own head as well. That is simply the way the bounty hunting system works.

Now, let us assume that a game player places a bounty on your head. Then you can make an agreement with an online friend to be the one that should murder you.

The said online friend will then search out for you and carry out the murder. The online friend will then go ahead to claim the bounty placed on your head. After claiming the money, the person will have to split or share the bounty with you.

By the time you deduct medical expenses from the bounty shared with you, you should be left with a profit. But if you want to completely avoid a bounty being placed on your head, just take down the NPC concerned. Do not let the cops to sight you at all.

Gun Down People from the Wanted List

The red dots on the map represent people who are on the wanted list. And a huge bounty has been placed on the heads of these people. You must be a sharp shooter with complete combat abilities to hunt these criminals.

Watch them and locate the dots on the map and make or initiate a combat against them to get some few hits on them.

When hunting the virtual world criminals, you must be very careful as you must understand that they are criminal indeed. The implication of this is that criminals are very smart and have combat skill. It is sure not going to be an easy mission. But you can do it when you are determined.

Do not try to take a revenge on anyone, especially when it appears that the person outsmarts you. When you are able to take these criminals down, you will have the chance to claim the bounty that has been placed on the heads of these criminals.

Hence, taking down the people on the wanted list helps you to gather enough money, which is good for your game.

completed story mode

Complete The Story Missions

Even though you are an experienced game player, it is always good to give room to unlearn in order to learn how to Play GTA Online. Learning should not only be for the newbies, but for all game players that want to give their game play with some spices.

One of the tips for any game player to have an amazingly fun experience is to ensure that you complete the story missions. There are so many story missions in the GTA Cache.

The story missions have to do with following a particular story line in which you are expected to play a certain role and execute some stuffs in the story set up.

Examples of some story missions are Gerald, Lamar, Simeon Yetarian and a lot more which cross over from the GTA 5 series to the GTA Online. And many of these story missions have a cutscene from where the missions will be spelt out.

When you successfully complete the story mission, you are sure of getting some bonus cash into your wallet. Aside from the bonus cash, you will also be entitled to some reputation points that will be a boost your rank so that you can be privileged to acquire some items meant for game players at a higher rank.

Hence, completing the story mission is very essential.

passive mode gameplay

Activate Passive Mode

While in the Diamond Casino and Resort heist DLC, you need to be very careful as no one can be trusted. Don’t just walk around any how alone in the street because someone from somewhere can simply shoot you from the back. And being shot in the back is not good for you as a game player.

As a result of this, you need to take a proper step to stem the tide of such situation. How do you begin? You will have to commence by immediately activating the passive mode and that is why you need to know how to play GTA Online.

When you fully activate the passive mode, you will be covered because you can’t be shot at while you are on foot. Since you are not allowed to be shot at, you are not equally allowed to shoot at someone else.

The passive mode is not synonymous with invisibility because you can still be shot on a bike, in a car blown up or better still run over.

The passive mode specifically works for you while you are on foot. The passive mode is not free of charge. It will cost about $100 at a time. The money is actually much lower than what you are most likely to pay as a medical bill.

So, the next time you feel you are in danger, you are free to put into action your passive mode.

Experience the Fun

The  virtual world of GTA V is created out of fun and for fun. Learning how to play GTA Online goes with the focus of experiencing fun and satisfaction.

The world has an undertone of fun. And when that fun is not being experienced by game players, it means that the fun part of the GTA Online is being under-utilized.

The basic and underlying theme of GTA Online is to have maximum fun. There is fun behind every challenge or mission to be undertaken by every game player.

So many game players focus much more on making money and perhaps acquiring property. While this may be very true, many game players are actually beside the mark by missing the fun in the game.

Some people have argued that they derive their fun from murder, acquiring properties and a whole lot of things including making a lot of money. But fun can be created out of the experiences of the missions spelt out in the virtual world.

Despite the fact that people may have different definitions of what deriving fun is, what is very important is play your game, and enjoy yourself having fun all the way.

casino lucky wheel spin

Go Visit the Casino

Any game player who does not find out how to play GTA Online may not be able to do well in the game for lack of information. In GTA Online, there was an update. The update was the introduction of the Diamond Casino heist. It is exciting and full of fun.

The Casino has various features (such as new cars) and missions as well. One of the features is the Lucky Wheel. You can only spin the Lucky Wheel once in a day.

The Lucky Wheel has various gifts or prizes to be won as a game player spins the Lucky Wheel. The prizes range from cash, clothing, and a lot of other stuff. There has been a podium car staged just very close to the Lucky Wheel.

The podium car is the star prize that can also be won as you spin the Lucky Wheel once in a day. Another very interesting thing about the Lucky Wheel is that the spinning the Lucky Wheel is totally free of charge.

And if it happens that you did not win a prize, you will have nothing to lose. Nothing is deducted from you for losing at the Lucky Wheel.

So, next time you go visiting the Casino, before considering taking any mission there, you can try your hand on the Lucky Wheel to see if indeed you will be lucky to win any of the prizes.

aggressive approach

Build Your Skills Before Going on Heists

As stated earlier, the Diamond Casino and Resort is full of amazing and exciting heist missions. These missions will give you a handsome reward when completed successfully.

But heist missions can be highly frustrating and time-consuming as well. Hosting Casino heist missions require great care if you must be able to do well there. It is not the type of mission that can be recommended for newcomers or those who have no experience.

The heist missions are what you must properly prepare for before launching yourself into the game. But when it is well completed, it will definitely land you a good fortune.

You have to be technical and very skillful when you want to do the Casino heist missions. You will have to build your skills over time practicing several skillful tasks over time.

You need to build on communication and team working skills from time to time to be successful in the heist missions. You also need to wait to get to the level where you can make use of deadly weapons and bulletproof vests.

You need to coordinate with your friends and learn to make use of communicating gadgets.

Complete the Mission “A Titan of a Job”

If you like to do this mission, you need to be a host of the game. But if you find yourself on the screen, it means that you are not a host and so you have to opt out and start all over again until you have the chance to become the host.

So, as a host, you have to hit at least level 24. That is a bit high though. In addition to this, you are also required to have at the least 4 persons, but preferably 6 persons in your party. To make it the quickest run, simply choose easy.

Make a move by opening fire on the hangar attacking it on both sides and as fast as possible also move the truck located in the front of the aircraft to block it. After doing all that, then you need to fly using the aircraft also making sure that you have got a fantastic pilot.

Each time you complete A Titan of a Job, you will be awarded between $10k to $20k. But if you stay in the mission for at least about 15 minutes, you will be able to maximize your profits.

Sign Up to the Social Club

Instead of fighting so hard to complete a series of missions that will yield very important items like super cars and at the same time may be unlocked certain privileges, it is very possible for you to effortlessly get these things freely with ease.

How do you go about this? This is very easy to do. Simply sign up to the Rockstar Social Club.

Signing up to the Rockstar Social Club is not only the thing you have to do, but you also need to link the registered account to your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account. When the two accounts are linked together, you will be entitled to a sports car free of charge.

It is not only a free sports car, you will also have an access to a shotgun for free of charge. The shotgun can be picked up from the Ammu-Nation Store.

When you are asked to pick a sports car, it will be much more recommended to select Elegy RH8 from the Legendary Motorstorm website. The top speed of this car is about 196 miles per hour.

One good thing about the car is that it has an insurance cover which serves to protect it from any loss, damage and theft.

We hope this guide on how to get started with GTA Online has helped you.