GTA 5 Online Rare Car Locations

Find rare and hidden car locations in GTA Online published by Edward Carr.

Are you a starter in Grand Theft Auto, and wondering how to go about finding the hidden Simeon cars? Do you think what you stand to gain when you have found the hidden cars? Or you are wondering how to go about the treasure hunt?

You are not to worry as you have come to the right online platform dedicated to providing you extensive GTA 5 Online car locations guides.

The information you need to locate the vehicle within a record time is already provided here on GTA Cache. Therefore, you can go on and explore this cache to learn more about the best location for the online car in this Grand Theft Auto.

rare cars in gta map

Car spawn locations

There are some essential tips you should pay attention to when you want to go in search of the online cars in the GTA 5 game. The rare car locations guides provided on the internet are comprehensive to meet the needs of every game player. Some of the essential tips for the spawning cards in this game include:

From the Grand Theft Auto online screen menu, you will find options and spawn location as well as the last location. With these options you will be able to move from one lobby to another till the car you are searching for in the location spawns.

If you are looking for any of the cars in list of Simeon cars, they are created with tendency to spawn. The only thing you should do here is to refresh the list of cars when you have already waited for sometime or you have moved away from the GTA game online and want to play again.

Also, if you drive any of the vehicles made by one manufacturer similar to the one you are searching for, there is better chance for the car to spawn.
These are the essential tips you should know before going ahead to engage in the treasure hunt in this online car searching mode.

Rare & Hidden Cars

The Modded Dubsta 2

The car spawning normally takes place on the locations you are being directed to on the map. So, get ready to make your gaming more exciting and captivating as you take advantage of the opportunity presented before you here.

The Modded Dubsta two is extremely rare in this game, and you must be ready to do extra work to find its location. However, with the help of the location guides provided here, you will not find it difficult to locate the vehicles.

More so, you must be ready to take specific actions to locate the hidden modded Dubsta car and also to handle the spawning feature. If you are not fast enough to complete the actions required, the car may be acquired by another player.

Obey Tailgater

Obey Tailgater

You want to cruise around with the latest Audi car in the Grand Theft Auto, but do not know the right location to search for the car. There is no need to worry as the GTA 5 Online car locations guides provided here will guide you in the right direction. Check the golf course parking lot to find the Obey Tailgater.

You can find the areas where the car is parked on the map. So, you can take advantage of the guide provided on the map to find out the best place to locate the car. To be qualified to locate the car, you must have received a text message from the owner.

Simeon will send you a text message requesting your help in getting the car. That is the only condition to find the car in the direct location.

Canis Mesa

Go on and take advantage of the Canis Mesa GTA 5 car to cruise around the island and desert land without fear of obstacles. In the rating of the rareness of the car spawning, the Canis Mesa has rated 50% chances. So, it is semi-rare it’s spawning. You must be ready to spend little of your money in the game to get the desired result.

You can discover the best way to go about finding the hidden Canis Mesa when you follow the GTA 5 Online car locations guides provided on the internet. Getting Canis Mesa is not easy as another player must be able to spend about $7,500 through Merry-weather to chase after you with mercenaries.

Cruising in the Canis Mesa will give you opportunity to move around the island without being hindered by an obstacle. Also, you will be able to visit any part of the island without wasting time as you journey with the vehicle.

The Canis Bodhi

If you long to ride the Canis Bodhi in the GTA5 game, check the GTA 5 Online car locations guides provided here. The car is rugged enough to overcome obstacles of different types.

The powerful car will overcome every obstacle and terrain. The challenge has always been to make this car spawn to get the one you want to drive. To make this possible, join or host the Mission created by Rockstar known as “Dirt Road.” When you host or join a mission, the car will spawn and be shown on the designated location on the map.

The exact place to find this vehicle on the map is between the rocks within the road. There are also chances to buy the rugged Canis Bodhi vehicle for only $25,000 from the official site of the dealer in the gaming world.

custom Imponte Phoenix

Imponte Phoenix

Search the GTA Cache to learn more about the online car locations for the GTA 5 game. It is the opportunity you will be glad to embrace. Think about going for the location guides provided by the trusted team on the internet.

The aim is to assist gamers to get rewards available for those that have completed the treasure hunt here. The Imponte Phoenix car is a luxury sports car that can make your journey a lot easier. It is the car engineered to make users champion other racers on the road.

You can also discover more about the location of the cars as you go through the GTA 5 Online car locations guides. Search for the Imponte Phoenix car on the map. You will easily spot its location without passing through stress. Another thing you should know about the location of the car is that it is subtly placed to distract more people from finding it with ease.


Have you played GTA 5 role-play mode and take the role of a sailor? If no, you have come to the right place where that will be made possible. Take your time to check through rare car locations guides to understand more about the submarine.

The location of the car can be found with ease when you know the best way to navigate your way through the submarine environment. Search the water to locate the submarine within the edge of the region.

Taking your time to read through the map is one of the most required steps you must take. It is what you need to understand the right location of the submarine to unlock and get rewarded.

Karin BeeJay XL

 The Karin BeeJay XL is among the luxury cars that will make your cruise enjoyable and unstoppable. Finding this car on the map is difficult, as it is subtly located. That is why you should go on and take advantage of the opportunity provided in the GTA 5 Online car locations guides is what you need to find out where to find the car.

Also, you must pay close attention to the guides provided to understand what you are expected to do here.

These are what made it necessary that you go on and take advantage of the location guides provided. The GTA Cache will give you the direction on the best way to go about finding the location of any of the cars you want here. When you find the Karin BeeJay XL, you will be rewarded hugely in the game.

So, do not waste another minute before going ahead to take advantage of the guides provided to you here today. Search the exterior part of the Criminal Records race within the region indicated in the map to find the car.

Declasse Granger

Take your time to follow the guides to find the Declasse Granger car and unlock the rewards that follow. Everything you need to experience satisfaction with the car hunt is explained in the guides offered by the expert team.

To find the Declasse Granger, you should look closely at the hidden part of the map. But, the exciting thing is the ability of the car to spawn right inside the garage or parking lots. So, you can check the marked area of the map to spot this car and go with the rewards provided.

The Declasse Ranger XL

The Declasse Rancher XL is among the cars you must be ready to add to your fleet to dominate your competitors. But, the challenge is to find this car. The location of the car is hidden to the extent that most gamers are not able to find them within the specified time. So, you must follow some specific guides to learn the best way to make use of the car.

Another thing you should know about the car is that it can give you the cruising experience you never thought possible. That is why you should take advantage of the opportunity provided by the location maps provided.

You will continue to locate the cars of your choice without stress as you follow the guides provided by the expert team.

Final Words

You can now discover the best way to locate the luxury cars you need to cruise around the island as you check the hidden locations.

Spotting these locations can be difficult, mostly when you do not seek guides from the experts. The locations guides provided by the renowned team will allow you to experience an easy search without wasting time.

Most people often about the rewards available for them in the search. If you are asking the same, there is no need to ask further as you have landed where you will get the information you need.

Consult the renowned experts to understand more about what they are capable of offering in terms of location guides and others. Explore the locations provided on the map to get the car of your choice without wasting time.