GTA 5 Spawn Kraken Cheat Code

Spawn a Kraken Submarine in GTA 5 with cheat codes published by Max Edwards.

Do you need to get the Kraken Sub spawned on GTA 5? Are you finding getting the sub through regular gameplay tricky? Not to worry! The Kraken Sub can be easily activated on your PS4, Xbox One and PC with the easy steps we’ll be seeing in a while.

In regular gameplay, the Kraken Sub can only become available when you’re through with the Wildlife Photography Challenge. But why would you need to waste your time around the city taking photos of animals when you can just get the code to spawn the vehicle in a jiff!

Take a quick look at the cheat codes for the Kraken Sub below.

Spawn A Kraken Sub with These Cheat Codes:

PlayStation 3 & 4:

  • There are no button combinations at the moment (use the cell code instead)

Xbox One & 360:

  • There are no Xbox One combinations at the moment (use the cell code)

PC (Steam/Social Club):


Cell Phone:

  • 1-999-282-2537
Kraken Submarine

How to Spawn a Kraken Submarine with Cheat Codes

Controller Buttons

You can use buttons on your PS4 and Xbox One to get these cheats activated. Simply get the code of your choice, enter it quickly, and wait to see your confirmation message. But for the Kraken Sub cheat, there are no button combinations available.

PC Keyboard

On your PC, you can get the codes activated on GTA with the keyboard. All you need to do is press the tilde (~) key beside the 1 key. Enter BUBBLES in the gameplay environment and wait for the confirmation that the cheat is now active.

Cell Phone Number

You can easily use cell phone codes to get the cheat activated. Simply make use of the cell phone of your character and dial the code on the dial pad.

Final Words

Playing GTA for the first time will surely keep you excited and awe-struck. There are lots of happenings in various GTA releases that’ll ensure you get the best from your game.

When you’re seeking an action game with all features intact, then you’ve got it on GTA 5. This game is the most recent release of the franchise from Rockstar Games and raises the tempo of your enjoyment and lines up players nicely for the succeeding episode.

One add-on players get probing for when they get GTA 5 are cheats. Gamers need cheat codes like Spawn Kraken Submarine to zest up their gaming experience and make progressing through missions easier than ever before.