GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino Heist Guide

Learn how to approach the GTA Online Diamond Casino heist by Edward Carr.

GTA Cache has a lot to offer and the Diamond Casino Heist update finally came out to the public. The GTA 5 Online Diamond Casino Heist is great game ever for the world gaming community.

Since the introduction of the Casino update, there has been several scheming and plans by game experts to lay out the best approach to the game for successful completion. And every game player will be looking for the best approach for the maximum payout ever.

The Casino Heist promises to be full of fun and suspense. If you’re a newbie, we recommend that you read our how to start a heist guide first.

How to Approach The Diamond Casino Heist for a Successful Mission

There are varieties of approaches to the Casino Heist. There are generally about three basic approaches to the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist. In spite of the fact that there is a general preparation that is very common to all the approaches, many game players are still looking for the GTA 5 diamond heist best approach.

This article will explore in details the best approach in the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist as well as the setup guide. The write up will also look into the different approaches, an arcade and the major parts of the prep stage.

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Setup & Prep Work

Setup and prep work is one of the diamond heist best approach initial step that is to be taken.

The preliminary arrangement before you ever think of starting the Casino Heist is to ensure that you have a large amount of virtual money in your Maze Bank Account. This money will be used to purchase an arcade property (don’t worry, you can sell this property later for a profit).

Thereafter, you can start a heist by first visiting Lester at the Mirror Park. After seeing Lester, a cutscene will play and then your very first setup mission will begin by going over to the computer in the basement of the empty arcade.

The very first setup mission will commence in earnest after you interact with the computer at the basement of the empty arcade.

The first mission is the arcade equipment. This is the initial kit that will be used for your hide out as you track them down. Moreover, you will quickly go over to the Post Operation Depository to chase after the jacked truck.

When you chase down the truck, murder the driver of the truck and quickly move back to your arcade. As you return from the slaughter, you will equally meet with Lester again as a cutscene will play out while Lester will run through the plan in three parts – scope, prep and score. Lester will also mention the three ways you can approach the heist.

Scoping the Casino Empire

Scoping the Diamond Casino is part of the elemental step to be taken in the GTA 5 diamond heist best approach. Scoping the Diamond Casino is mainly infiltrating the Casino Empire. Scoping can be divided into two missions, which are scoping the vault and scoping the Casino.

In scoping the Casino, you will be able to scope all, the very first six Access Point to the Diamond Casino. The 6 Access Points are:

  • The main door: this is just at the entrance of the Casino
  • The terrace roof: in this part, 4 doors are available
  • The side doors
  • The roof: 2 doors are at the 2 sides of the helipad
  • Sewer tunnel
  • Security tunnel: take a picture of the garage door here

In scoping the vault, the points of interest are as below:

  • Metal detectors: are located in the grey room
  • Staff elevator: are located in the purple room
  • Carpeted room
  • Security office door: doors with grey strip in the room

Best GTA Online Casino Heist Approaches

aggressive approach

The Aggressive Approach

The Aggressive Approach is one of the GTA 5 diamond heist best approach. Literally, this approach is very aggressive in nature just as the name suggests. This approach is highly recommended for those game players who take pride in combative games.

Any game player who likes violence should go for this approach. It involves getting into a physical fight with the Diamond Casino security details and protocols all the way through the Casino building and blowing up the vault including the doors with thermal charges.

The Aggressive Approach to the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist comprises 6 compulsory set up missions, including 7 optional with further objective.

The three compulsory set up missions are as listed below:

  • To get the vault explosive
  • To get thermal charges
  • Look for unmarked weapons

The 7 non-compulsory missions are as listed below:

  • To disrupt the Duggan shipment
  • Scout the patrol routes
  • TAcquire security intelligence
  • Get security passes
  • Look for reinforced armor
  • Acquire masks
  • Get power drills

The Big Con Approach

The Big Con Approach is one of the GTA 5 diamond heist best approach that is widely used in the GTA gaming community. Those players who are naturally combative in nature or who are somewhat violent are not supposed to make use of this approach. This approach to a very large extent will favour those who are very cunny.

In the Big Con Approach, you will cunningly disguise yourself to gain entry into the Diamond Casino building by sneaking into the vault to drill it open and then carry as much as you can and violently fight your way out or you can as well disguise your way out of the Casino.

Just like the Aggressive Approach, the Big Con Approach also has a six-compulsory set up missions with seven non-compulsory or optional set up missions. The compulsory set up missions are as below:

  • To get weapons that are unmarked
  • Look for a hacking device
  • Look for a getaway vehicle
  • Get vault drills
  • Get your entry disguise
  • Acquire the vault keycards

The seven non-compulsory set up missions are as listed below:

  • Look for an exit disguise
  • To acquire mask
  • Get power drills
  • To get security intelligence
  • Get patrol routes
  • Disrupt Duggan shipment
  • Get security passes
stealth approach heist

The Silent and Sneaky Approach

The Silent and Sneaky Approach can also be described as one of the GTA 5 diamond heist best approach. The approach is very unique and special with it’s stealth.

It requires you to cunningly sneak into the Diamond Casino building with a silenced pistol making sure that you are not caught. Thereafter, drill open the vault with a laser and making sure to avoid security cameras to make your way out of the Diamond Casino.

Just like the other approaches, the Silent and Sneaky Approach also have six-compulsory set up missions, but unlike others has eight non-compulsory set up missions. The six-compulsory ones as below:

  • Look for vault laser
  • To acquire a hacking device
  • look for a getaway vehicle
  • To get weapons that are not marked

The eight non-mandatory ones are as below:

  • Acquire mask
  • Get power drills
  • To get security intelligence
  • Get patrol routes
  • Disrupt Duggan shipment
  • To get security passes
  • Steal an EMP

The Diamond Casino and Resort Heist Prep Missions

The Diamond Casino and Resort Heist prep mission is an integral part of the GTA 5 diamond heist best approach. This is because it cannot be separated from it. Preparation is everything. Any game player who fails to plan must plan to fail.

Proper planning has a long way to go in making your game to be effective and efficient. While general preparations may be necessary and worth it, there is no very special or unique preparation for you to apply to the Casino heist.

In the actual sense, the Casino heist prep is largely dependent on the type of approach selected by the heist group leader. The implication of this is that the different approaches have their basic and unique prep mission. This is a calculated attempt. In the same vein, the missions completed will also determine the bonuses that will be received.

The weapons to be used, the equipment as well as the vehicles and most importantly the crew are well determined by a number of factors. And this will also play out in the heist finale. Hence, take your prep missions as seriously as possible.

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Preparing for Heist: Effective Communication

It is very possible for you to do a certain mission in the GTA community as a solo effort. But when you consider the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist, solo effort is not applicable. The Casino Heist requires more than one game player to do. It will largely require you to either form a team or to join a team.

To simply put, the Casino Heist requires a properly coordinated team work. And one of the skills that you need to do this effectively and efficiently is effective communication.

Effective communication will enable your GTA 5 diamond heist best approach to be more meaningful. You will need to properly communicate with the rest of your team members in understanding and successful execution of your missions.

It will be very important to get a communication gadget like a headset to relate to the people that you are playing with. And when it is time for you to staring give information as per a mission, it is advisable not to get involved in any act of joke.

The business of the day must be well tackled since the goal is to successfully complete the mission.

Practice Missions

When you prepare for the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist, it involves several things including the practice of missions. The practice of a series of missions will boost your GTA 5 diamond heist best approach.

It is a true saying that practice makes perfect. You can go through various missions that will help you to easily get used to the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist environment.

Let us look at some of the missions of note:

  • Pickup sticks: the mission is all about working as a team together while being able to split up as a team.
  • Crime scenester: use this to practice communicating with your team member and also fundamental pincer maneuvering.
  • Base invaders: this is good for team members to rehearse piloting skills.
  • Chop chop: this is an objective based mission that involves hacking, aerial and ground combat activities.
  • Extradition: this mission will enable you to practice escape skills especially by air.
  • Stocks and scares: these are a very good multi-objective mission for your team members to rehearse with as it also involves a formidable enemy force.
  • The Los Santos connection: in this mission, you will learn to work as team members together and protecting one another.
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Rank Up & Upgrade Your Arsenal

Since the emergence of the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist, so many game players are so eager to quickly play it. Generally, a game player will be above rank 1 and rank 12 before you can start thinking about the Casino Heist.

However, it is a better thing to rank up so that your GTA 5 diamond heist best approach can be much easier to use. At a higher rank, you are entitled to better weaponry, vehicles, and will be much easier surviving a heist set up.

The Casino Heist missions are much more difficult to survive when you compare it to a standard mission. In the heist, there are a lot of very tough foes to deal with and overcome. Upgrading your arsenal will help you to surmount the heist challenges or missions.

You may have to purchase a very deadly weapon at the Ammu-Nation, perhaps at a cost as stored in the GTA Cache. The weapon will help to turn the odds in your favour. Some weapons of mass destruction are the Grenade Launchers, the RPGs and a whole lot that will turn the tables in your favour.

The Diamond Casino and Resort Heist Finale

The Diamond Casino and Resort Heist Finale is a booster to the GTA 5 diamond heist best approach. The Heist Finale is predicated on the Casino heist best approach. Just before the heist finale commences, game players are expected to have selected their heist best approach and also must have successfully completed the prep missions.

The Diamond Casino and Resort Heist leader is empowered to initiate the heist finale. But the heist finale is not a solo run. It requires about two to four game players to initiate.

After finalizing the detail and selecting the location of the buyer, the Heist Finale may then begin. This stage will widely vary from one approach to the other.

The specific Intel game players will gather with the tools or equipment obtained during the set-up stage. It is very germane to note that when you replay the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist Finale, the approach that was used at the last completion will not be available.

In addition to this, on the next replay of the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist Finale, that specific approach will be more difficult and then marked by a Skull Post-It note.

Diamond Casino and Resort Heist Support Crew

One of the GTA 5 diamond heist best approach to the maximum payout is the Casino heist support crew. At any time, you need a crew for the Casino heist, select a driver, a hacker and a gunman.

The crew is a determinant of the difficulty level of the heist. A gunman will equip you with a very good weapon that will be used to carry out the mission. The driver will bring the finest car that will complete the task without any hitch.

A hacker will provide more time in the vault such that you will not be detected in the vault. Some crews are more worth it than others. It is all about quality and style. You must determine to use what befits your style. Always make sure that you make use of very experienced crew as they will do an excellent job for you.

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Heist Payout Rewards

The GTA 5 diamond heist best approach must lead to a maximum payout reward ever. And this is the main goal of performing the heist. The potential money that can be awarded in just a run of the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist is a little above $2 million.

In the actual sense, all the take out money will not go to you. This is because Lester will take his own cut while your support crew must all be given their share accordingly. After doing a lot of shares, the remaining amount of money goes to you.

However, the remaining amount of money could be reduced if you accidentally or incidentally damage any item in the Casino Empire. There is a rough estimate from some game players that a very rough game player could be awarded with payout reward ranging from about $400 to about $1,750,000.

Some people in some quarters have opined that there are about four possible random rewards for the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist. Your focus must be on the goal and you must do everything possible to make sure that you have a worthy payout reward.

Other Casino Mission Rewards

The total number of the Casino Missions is six on the map. Anyone who incidentally and successfully completes all the six missions will be gifted or rewarded with an armored car. There are rewards for every task that will be undertaken. These rewards are for the game players to be motivated to do more and acquire more property.

If you happen to take on the second Casino Mission which is House Keeping, and you successfully complete it, you will be entitled to an exotic car. There are new casino cars up for grabs for every game player that is ready to record a success.

Howbeit, there are some rewards that are not actually cars. Some of the items on the list are clothing and cash benefits. This is good as the cash reward may be used to purchase other stuffs that will enhance the success of a challenge or a mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

In your quest to select your GTA 5 diamond heist best approach, there will be some questions that many game players will want to know. Let us look at some of these questions:

Must you purchase the Penthouse to carry out the Casino Heist?

You really do not need to purchase a Penthouse to carry out a Casino Heist. But you might need to be a VIP member to access them.

How do I search for the Croupier?

Lester will send you a picture of the Croupier as you wait for him at the party. The picture will be on your phone and then proceed to identify the person in the party. The hint is that the Croupier will be drunk. As you get closer to the Croupier, there will be an arrow head to identify the person.

Any shortcut to get the noose outfit?

The roof might be a shortcut to get the noose outfit. Another method is to enter through the front door and exit through the roof.

Do you trigger the security pass mission or you choose it?

Select the Security Pass mission at the bottom right corner on the heist prep board. You can either switch from level 1 pass mission or to level 2 pass mission.

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Final Words

There are three different approaches to the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist. These are the Aggressive Approach, the Big Con Approach and the Silent and Sneaky Approach respectively. Each approach comes with its unique style. Each approach is followed by some compulsory set up missions and also non-compulsory set up missions.

You will also need to need to do some practice missions to enable your team members handle such missions conveniently and convincingly. While you are playing the game, keep your eyes on the payout rewards. Many thanks for the GTA Cache.

The GTA 5 diamond heist best approach is actually the best approach for you when you hit your goal. And the approach largely depends on the style that you have employed to play your game. If you are violent in nature or perhaps prefer a violent method, make use of it.

The approach that will work for you must give you the maximum payout. Different game players have used different approaches over the time to hit their various goals. Mastery is very important in the heist mission. With this, the Casino Heist is very simple and easy to play.