How to earn Reputation in GTA 5 Online

Learn how to rank up fast in GTA: Online by Edward Carr.

Leveling up or gaining reputation points is key when it comes to GTA Online. Every game player must learn the skill that will guaranty unveiling how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online.

The leveling up system is the one that dictates your status in the GTA community. Your rank will have a lot of influence on you as a game player. Deciphering how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online is very germane for any player.

To a very large extent, the rank or the reputation point will have a lot of effect on your game as it determines the vehicles and weapons that you will be entitled to buy, the missions or challenges that you will be entitled to undertake and a whole lot more.

GTA Online RP rank up 7000

Earning Reputation in GTA Online

The more you level up and you increase RP rank, the more you will unlock important items. For example, when you are at rank 120, you will be able to unlock the Mini-gun which you will definitely not be able to be entitled to when you are at a rank below 120.

With that being said, you will be able to increase your reputation point and thereby increase your rank by successfully completing challenges or missions including some other tasks. However, if you want to spice things up faster than normal, that is the more reason why you should learn how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online so that you take part in the proper world activities.

This article will give answers to the so many questions of game players so that game players will be equipped with the knowledge of how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online.

Crew in GTA:O

You Need to Join a Crew

Looking for how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online? Simply join a crew. There are so many crews that you can join. If you are looking for how to join a crew, simply navigate to the Social Club and you will find a load of crew to connect with.

When you join a crew, you will immediately become a member of the crew. As a member of a crew, you are entitled to execute jobs or missions together with your team members.

The crew will start a heist or any other acidic mission. On a successful completion of jobs as a crew, you will earn bonus reputation points or GTA money with other fellow crew members. So, joining a crew is actually one of the ways to go to level up or earn reputation fast in the open world.

You can also create your own crew if you don’t want to join an existing one.

Get Involved in Missions

The GTA world is such that no game player can be idle. You must be involved in one thing or the other. The most legitimate or easiest way to earn GTA money or reputation point in the GTA Online community is by getting involved in missions. Doing missions show the way to how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online.

You can request for a job or a mission through your phone or your personal computer.

When there is a random mission available, the game player that makes a request for the mission will immediately be slotted into the mission. If you want to host a mission, but find yourself on the screen as a member, you can opt out and try it again until you finally become a host for a mission.

A successful completion of missions will lead to earning of the bonus in GTA money or increase in the reputation points which may also include the gifting of an exotic car as the case may be.

Play with Others

If you want to learn how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online, then you must equally and intentionally play with others since the GTA world is a social game which of course involves a lot of people to interrelate with one another.

When you play the game with others, there are social benefits that are associated with playing with others. And if you succeed with others, you will reap the benefits with them.

This will help you to level up faster than you think. When you do some solo runs by yourself, then you will be moving at a very slow pace. In this case, the rate at which you increase your reputation points is slower when compared with playing the game with others. Hence, it is not in any case sensible and at the same time advisable to do or continue with solo runs when you think of earning reputation fast in GTA Online.

Play Double Reputation Points Activities

If you are looking for how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online, then you have to be very strategic about it. There are some activities that promise double reputation points at a go

Rockstar is known to hold such double reputation points activities. But it is left for you, as a game player to track such events and properly be part of it. Some activities will give you double reputation points while others will just be a bonus or something else. But whatever the case may be, there is always something for you that will aid you in earning reputation points or levelling up.

This will help to greatly increase your rank and consequently your status.

The double reputation point is the way to go when you are looking for how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online. If you can do some events with double reputation points severally, within the shortest possible time, your points will increase very significantly. Consequently, your rank will also increase just in the same measure and you are gradually getting there.

Create a Playlist

There is always a time difference between one job and another job. The more you hold on or wait before you embark on another job, the more time it takes to achieve your goal of earning reputation point fast enough. So, you need to embark on or do something that will to a large extent cut down such time.

It has been discovered that creating a playlist will help you in your quest for how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online. When you create a playlist, it will definitely help you in cutting down the time in between jobs.

The playlist will be created by setting in order the job in a list such that you will now need to start executing the jobs in the order on the list. When you take one job and you complete it, you immediately take on another job without almost waiting at all. So, you continue to do the jobs on the list in this order until all will be over on the list.

This will cut down the time it takes to wait for you to have another on board.

Say No to Grinding

There are so many articles and videos out there on the web telling you about missions that you can grind for the GTA money and reputation points as well. When you are looking for how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online, you will be tempted to do all the jobs that will boost your GTA profits, but the trend of progression for the same mission over and over again in the GTA world has been observed.

While you are following the job progression, anything that may come in between to intentionally intervene is just mere grinding and should be done away with.

The world of the GTA Online is the world of fun. While you can tell your own story in the virtual world by virtue of your action others may decide to go the other way.

For instance, while some other game players will just go on killing anybody they see on the road, you might just decide to go ahead with the person for a ride as this will add some spices to the game and story. Hence, every session can be re-written as a story depending on the role that you have decided to play in it.

casino lucky wheel spin

The Casino Lucky Wheel

GTA Online finally unlocked the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist update that came with the Casino Lucky Wheel, which is located on the floor of the Casino. You are entitled to spin the Lucky Wheel just once every day. As you spin the Lucky Wheel, there is a chance that you will win just one of the 20 prizes.

Spinning the Casino Lucky Wheel also shows how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA Online. This is because there are a lot of prizes to be won as you spin.

The prizes to be won ranges from the star prize which is the podium car on the stand right beside the Lucky Wheel, clothing, GTA money and a whole lot more. It is also important to say that about 5 of the 20 prizes relate to the reputation points which actually range from 2,500 to 15,000 reputation points awards.

Most of the game players try as much as possible to target the podium car which is a super car. The Casino Lucky Wheel is actually a game of chance as it requires no skill for you to win it.

Adversary Modes

The Adversary Mode cannot be played as a single player. It can only be played as a team. The Adversary Mode is a pure answer to how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online. It is a team versus a team scenario where one team will wage a war against the other team.

One of the teams in battle must be able to survive the attack. Usually the missions are highlighted by the Tron-inspired Deadline. The surviving team will be expected to win some great deal of reputation points.

In the actual fact, the Adversary Mode mission is usually a very long mission as compared to most of the traditional mission that we are used to in the GTA Online. The Adversary Mode is full of fun and will enable you as a game player to mingle and know other game players. The friendship as a team member can be extended from the virtual world to the real world.

The successful completion of the Adversary Mode mission will lead to about thousands of reputation points. This mission has been used severally by many game players especially when it comes to learning how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online.

Collect Cargo

When you consider earn RP in GTA 5 Online, then you do not just want to do every job you see. You have to go for jobs or events that will count towards increasing your reputation points and incidentally increasing your rank as well.

One of such events that promises rank increment is the collection of cargo. You cannot just go and be collecting cargoes. You cannot even see the cargoes to be collected not until you get to rank 12.

When you hit rank 12, there will be crate drops all over the virtual world and you will be able to retrieve the crate drops from their respective locations. You will receive some information that will be displayed at the top right-hand corner of your screen. The message will reveal the various locations of the crate drops on the virtual map so that you can go and retrieve them.

The drops are secured by armed NPCs. So, for any game player to be able to collect the drops, you will need to murder these armed guys. After murdering them, the you can collect the drops so that you open the crates to claim your 3,000 reputation points. Some very special drops have much more higher reputation points as high as 5,000.

Join an Organization

One of the ways any game player can take to easily level up and increase in rank is to join an organization. An organization is an organized team of game players that will execute all challenges or missions.

The goal of the organization is to win missions together and also share the loot and benefit arising from any job or task given to the organization.

It is important to note that you can commence your own organization by first purchasing your office provided that you have some substantial amount of money in your Maze Bank Account. As you start your own organization, you can bring in some other players who will now become your associates.

These associates are like-minded game players who are also hoping to get some stuff done. When you get a mission done, you will get your own cut, which is a bit different from that of the associates. Joining an organization or creating your own organization is a good source of earning reputation points.

Lose the Cops for RP Boosts

Some people have tagged this method as not being effective and efficient method of earning reputation points. But even if it is not effective, one thing that is sure is that you can really earn some points through the method no matter how small the point may be.

In the actual fact, many game players are now using this method to rake in some reputation points thereby increasing their ranks. This method is all about strategizing to make sure that you evade a cop. Once you are able to evade a cop, the deal is done.

Why would you want to evade cops? It is because you must have built a wanted level that is very high enough that you will eventually be on the wanted list of the cops. The wanted levels are quite different from one another. The different levels are associated with different reputation points.

The higher the wanted level, the higher the reputation points and the harder or time consuming it is for a game player to carry out the mission. When you want to be on a wanted level, you either carry out a car hijack or you murder a fellow game player. Losing cops is a sure method of earning reputation points.

gta 5 police officer

Be Fast and Furious in Races

This is one of the easiest methods to rake in some reputation points. When you go fast and extremely furious in races, it will earn you some points. Although this method will highly be recommended to perhaps those game players that are just starting in the GTA community.

The newbies or starters may be using this method to build up your reputation points and consequentially increasing your rank. It is possible to get about 500 reputation points with this method.

In the races, you may not even need to win the race. By just the mere taking part in the race, you will be entitled to some reputation points. If you want to get much more reputation points, you may decide to do many races in quick successions.

When you begin to climb higher in the ranks in the GTA world, it is not advisable to make use of this method to get your reputation points. When you are high in your rank, please go for any other method listed above on how to level up or earn reputation fast in GTA 5 Online.

Create A Best Missions List

It is now well understood that the way to go when we consider earning reputation fast in the GTA Online is to ensure that you do or partake in missions that are successfully completed. It is not just ordinary missions, but the best of the missions.

What will constitute the best mission is the fact that the mission on successful completion will yield a high number of reputation points. As a player, you must be able to spot missions that will shore up your rank so that more opportunities can be unlocked.

When you identify the best missions, put them on a list so that you begin to act or execute the mission one after the other. The mission may be a solo type which only you will successfully complete or may be a crew or team type which will be done as a team such that all of the team or crew member will share from the earning of the crew on successful completion.

As you claim the reputation points and increase in rank, some greater and better missions will be unlocked so that you do not have to wait before you go on another mission.


Every game player must learn how to earn reputation very fast in the GTA Online as it is the pride of every game player to get to the topmost level of the game.

Reputation points, of course, always count towards the reputation ranks. And the higher you go in your rank; the more many things are unlocked. Some of the things that will unlock are weapons, missions, new targets and a lot more.

Being a member of a crew or a group will give you an additional reputation points on the successful completion of missions. And your points will vary depending on your own status in the group.

You can also create a playlist to cut down on the time it takes for another mission to be given. Joining or creating your own organization will also increase your reputation points and therefore your rank as well.

You can also collect cargoes and this will unlock thousands of a reputation point for you. Getting fast and furious in races is well recommended for newbies, but not for a game player in a high rank.