How to sell cars in GTA 5 Online

Learn how to sell a car in GTA Online by Edward Carr.

Different levels and designs of cars have been released into the GTA Online world. For instance, we have racing cars, casino cars, rare cars and a lot more. Some game players are so crazy about a certain class of vehicle since they are used to it. You can acquire as many cars as possible.

And if you decide to sell your cars, that could be another method of making cool money. The more you acquire, the more you sell, and the more money you make. Therefore, you need to know how to sell cars in GTA 5 Online.

There are several games that you can play while some are being updated on a regular basis. Whichever game you choose to play, it is more probable that a car will be one of the tools that you will need for work done.

General Tips

There are some general tips which you must be aware of when it comes to selling cars in GTA Online.

These tips will be highlighted as below:

  • Store the cars that are stolen in your garage. It is possible that the prices of cars will skyrocket and that will be a good time for you to sell so that you can have some money in your bank account which may be used for other missions.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid bounties. When you steal somebody’s car the person may decide to place a bounty on you. This will make people to start looking for you to capture or murder you since the money is placed on your head.
  • Always make sure that you avoid the police while you keep the car unharmed as well. These two things will have so much effect on the sale of your car. So, you must watch out for it.
selling car at los santos customs

Selling Procedure

The procedure below will see you through how to sell cars in GTA Online.

  • While you are already in the game, press the “Menu” or “Option” button on your controller or the “Esc” on your PC to have access to the in-game menu. Select “Online” to gain access to the GTA Online.
  • Select the character you decide to use. The character that you will be required to play the online mode will be different from the story mode.
    Look for a car that you will like to sell. You can get this around the city or from your garage.
  • Go to the Los Santos Customs which is the in-game car modification shop and enter the garage. A menu will pop-up and then you press sell two times.

Best Selling Cars

Frankly speaking, it is very easy to know how to sell cars in GTA 5 Online. Generally, many game players are used to stealing and selling cars as this seems easy for them to make money. In the actual, fact it is the most lucrative business to do.

While already in the game, the cars are being sold for every 35 minutes in real time. If you allow your car to be damaged before deciding to sell, your money will reduce by a small amount of about $70.

Meanwhile, if you steal a car when it is occupied, the value of the car will be reduced by an amount of about $54.

The best-selling sports car is the Vapid Peyote. The car is valued for $12,940 and it is much loved by all categories of players.

peyote vapid

Final Words

Knowing how to sell cars in GTA 5 is the best that can ever happen to a game player whether experienced or newbie. You must learn how to sell cars since money is needed at any point of the game to purchase one thing or the other.

For instance, if you want to be a CEO or a VIP, you will need to have at least about $1,000,000 in your Maze Bank Account. Hence, GTA Cache has been developed to roll-out various fun-loving games that will make you rack your brain so that you can know how to get money to execute challenges or missions.

I am so sure that this article has exposed the details regarding the selling of cars when it comes to GTA Online. When next you go into the game, make sure you perfect the knowledge you have learnt from here.