GTA 5 Open All Interiors Mod Download

Download Open All Interiors Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


Are you curious about the content of those secret rooms in the beautiful city of Los Santos, or Andres? Do you want to find out the secret behind those in-game mysterious rooms? Have you been wondering about the things happening some of the interiors in the Grand Theft Auto? You are welcome, as GTA Cache is the right place to find out about the best game mod that will make that possible for you. The gta 5 open all interiors mod is specifically created to open many in-game interiors with functional doors. Most of these interiors are created with pedestrians, and you can only access them with the help of this specially organized game mod.

What is Open All Interiors Mod

It may interest you to know that gta 5 open all interiors mod comes with a lot of features and functionalities needed in Grand Theft Auto. The game mod helps gamers to open the secret interiors of the game. Some of the interiors opened by the game mod have been cut from the Grand Theft Auto game. More so, the game mod placed a marker at several strategic places of the interior, map, and the stores.

So, gamers are provided with an opportunity with a simple toggle on F7. Two working electors are added to the FIB structure. You can find one at the UNION Depository, and the other at the humane lab. From these elevators, you can move around the FBI building from lower floors to the upper floors of the building. The GTA Cache is the right place to check when you want to get this GTA 5 game mod.

Interiors you can open with this mod

Interestingly, the gta 5 open all interiors mod is created to enable you to explore and embark on a shootout with the police and FBI agents. More so, you can make videos of your fight with the police with the help of this game mod. Several interiors can be opened with the help of this functional game mod.

Some of the interiors you can open with ease using this game feature include:

  • The Tequila-la
  • Hospital
  • Lester’s Sweatshop
  • Foundry
  • Prison
  • Jewelry store
  • FBI building (bottom floor)

Download the mod now learn more about the possible interiors you can open with this game mod.

Open All Interiors mod instructions you should know

The gta 5 open all interiors mod is providing gamers with everything they need to explore, combat, and also experience fun in their Grand Theft Auto gaming online. You can always check through the mod instructions provided on the GTA Cache online to understand the best way to enjoy GTA 5 game with the mod.

Visit the interior you desire and work freely, by teleporting inside with through the blue marker. Work into the elevator to move to the upper or lower floor. Enable or disable the interior by pressing F7.

How to install GTA 5 open all interiors

To install the gta 5 open all interiors mod into your device, you should follow these steps:

  • Install the Alexander Blade’s ScriptHookV if not already installed
  • Download the mod and unzip the files
  • Change some settings, and modify the OpenInteriors as you wish.