GTA 5 Prison Mod Download

Download Prison Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


Have you wondered what happens when you get to prison? Do you want to test what it is like to be in prison? You not to continue thinking as the gta 5 prison mod are created to allow you to test this in the virtual world. Go on and explore the features of this new Grand Theft Auto game mod to find out what it is designed to achieve. You will find out more ways to navigate your way in the prison to avoid the hefty men there from causing a problem to you. Consider checking out for the GTA Cache to understand the best way to experience the prison in a fun manner.

What Is GTA 5 Prison Mod?

The gta 5 prison mod is created to allow you to experience the prison situation. It is the modification that will allow you to go to prison for committing one offense or the other. If you have thought about what the prison situation is like, you should let the police arrest you. The Grand Theft Auto is created in levels, and to move above the level one, you must press the right button. In prison, there are options to come out, either bail or escape. More so, you can instigate a fight between the prisoners and their guards so they will kill themselves while you watch.

Some Things You Should Know About Prison Mod

You have to figure out the simplest ways to escape from the prison without the guards or cops coming after you. To get that done, you must strategize properly. Getting bail from prison is not as easy as it cost a lot of money. Most people normally spend their real money to come out the prison, but you are not to do that as excepting from the prison is part of the fun available to enjoy in the gta 5 prison mod. Take your time to confirm more about the features of this game on GTA Cache.

GTA 5 prison break mod

Find Out How to Get Into Prison in GTA 5

The city of Los Santos is crowded with police looking for whom to arrest for one offense or the other. So, getting into prison is tricky as you are required to do a lot of things. When you come out of your abode, you will meet a multitude of cops coming after you. Try to use the parachute or helicopter nearby to drop somewhere around and fight for the markings. The GTA 5 prison mod allows you to discover more ways to experience prison environment.

How to Do Prison Break Heist in GTA 5

Have you watched the prison break movie, and thinking of the best way to replicate that in the gaming world? No worries, the gta 5 prison mod is brought here to meet your needs always. The steps to do prison break here include:

  • Steal aircraft to get Rashkovsky away from the country
  • Obtain a bus or hijack the prison vehicle in security convoy and hide it away from cops
  • Pose into police cruiser
  • Get the ground team, demolition expert and pilot to help you complete prison break heist.