How to Play GTA 5 Online RP

Learn how to start role-playing in GTA Online by Edward Carr.

If you are one of those that desire to experience unforgettable gaming with Grand Theft Auto V, you should consider going for the GTA 5 role-playing mods (FiveM/Rage MP/GT-MP).

The game mods are crafted with the mind of giving gamers an unforgettable experience with Grand Theft Auto. That is why you should consider taking advantage of the opportunity presented before you today without wasting time.

GTA 5 role playing comes with some engaging features that made it hard to resist for gamers across the globe. You can always find out more ways to live a desirable life in the gaming world when you make use of this renowned game on the internet.

What is GTA 5 Role Play, and How can One Start Playing it?

That is one of the most asked questions on the internet today among GTA 5 gamers from different corners of the world. If you are asking the same question, there is no need to worry as you have landed where your needs will be met with ease.

If you are law enforcement agencies like police and more, you will practice your career accordingly in the gaming world through this game mod.

If you have tried Skyrim’s Alternate Start mods, you have an idea of roleplaying mods (Rage MP/GT-MP, etc). The RPG community of this mod makes it easy for gamers to live their usual life in the gaming world. Rock the world, and terrorize the entire community, without having to fear anyone through the role play mod.

You can become a normal NPC as you join the game. The installation of this game mod makes many things possible to a gamer, such as joining the game as a normal NPC, and more. These were formally not possible with the idyllic nature of role-playing mod is the reason why most people like it.

The exciting thing about role-playing is that it allows players to take up the character they want in the game. So, there is no need to continue to thrust in the spotlight when you can live your normal life in the gaming world at any point in time.

You may find that role-playing is daunting as a starter due to the various features associated with it. So, to make this mod work perfectly on your device, you must download some other needed mods. More so, you must locate and apply the joint servers and find out the best way to play the game.

In addition to that, there are equal chances for you to come across some jargon terms and slangs you are not conversant with as you make use of the game modification. Check through the comprehensive reviews provided on the internet about the GTA 5 roleplaying mods FiveM, Rage MP and GT-MP to know how to download and enjoy the game today.

GTA RP server gameplay

How to Host or Join GTA 5 RP Servers

Your knowledge of GTA 5 RP Servers will go a long way in helping you understand how to benefit from the game.

GTA 5 roleplaying servers comes with the same crime personality of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Also, it has transformed the game into a more enjoyable state for all gamers. The features of this game will not be possible without some mods installed into your device.

ow you will be allowed to spawn through the map with oodles of several features to play as a shop clerk, cop, terrorist or criminal. The essence of this game mod is for a player to engage in playing certain roles.

Many servers are hosting different mod themes without focusing on a particular one. Ideally, each of the GTA game sites has a unique site designed for mod installation and download. More so, there are many forums and online communities created to enable members to chat with those that assume a similar role or career as you in the game.

Before role playing, it is necessary to find out the immersion requirement from players. The reason is that each server offers different rates of hardcore compare to others. However, most of the servers usually require the player to engage in senseless violence or break character.

When you can meet up with the gaming expectation of the GTA role playing mod service you have selected, you will be rewarded accordingly. It is a way to get a reward as a cop or other character in the game.

The easier way to join A Role Playing Server

To join and maintain your membership on the GTA 5 roleplaying mods (FiveM/Rage MP/GT-MP), you need to do some work. The different server will ask you for different things to join and maintain the mod. So, there is needed to take your time to check the rules for the application to make sure that you are not rejected at the end of the day. More so, there are some hoops you must jump through to join and maintain your status on this mod. Also, to avoid server crash or losing out from your fun, you should take time to master the rules associated with the GTA RP server you want to use. GTA Cache is the right place to check when you want to know the best way to go about joining any of the server mods on the internet.

law enforcement RP

How to Download GTA 5 Role Playing Mods

When you want to enjoy GTA 5 roleplaying mods (Rage MP/GT-MP), you must start by downloading the game file before installation. But, the challenge is in the difference associated with the files each of the services requires its members to download before installing this renowned.

There are many game mods you can install as you want to experience enjoyable gaming with Grand Theft Auto role-playing. GT-MP and Rage MP are among the popular game mods you will be expected to download and install into your device.

To get this done, check their official site and follow the stipulated steps for the download and installation.

There are some things you should pay attention to when you want to download the game mods for your role-playing experience in Grand Theft Auto, some of these tips include:

  • Disable antivirus on your device before starting the FiveM download. The reason is that most vendors offering antivirus usually block the FiveM procedure. Some antiviruses to turn off include AVG, Avast, and more.
  • At the completion of the FiveM installation process, add it to your Whitelist or your antivirus exclusion folder.
  • Ensure GTAV is installed and updated in your device
  • To download GTA RP, go off the site
  • To install, you should run it on empty folder. If not in the empty folder, you should check for it in the %localappdata%GTARP
  • Navigate to the start menu on your windows to start it.

One more point to note here is that the server is always working on the solution regarding antivirus even when they have requested for you to put it off on your device.

The Multiplayer client is another option if you are not ready to go through the download process explained here. The Page MP client is often used by some services such as Eclipse Roleplay.

GTA RP Multiplayer

Some of the Best GTA RP Servers You Should Know About

There are many Grand Theft Auto Role Playing servers, but not all of them are good for starters. So, confirm some factors before going on to take advantage of the server of your choice.

More so, you will learn more about some of the best GTA RP servers on the internet to select the one that will meet your gaming needs. More so, you stand a chance of playing as any character or taking the role of your choice when you take advantage of any of the GTA 5 roleplaying mods (FiveM/Rage MP/GT-MP) from a news anchor, cab driver, janitor, locksmith to Cop, and more.

Below are some of the role-playing Grand Theft Auto game servers you should consider to enjoy the satisfying gaming experience.


If you are looking for a role playing server that will give you a chance to take the role of your choice, then FiveM is the right choice. It is GTA 5 Mod known for its community-driven feature.

So, if you want the GTA 5 Roleplaying server that will make your gaming entertaining and satisfying, you should go on and take advantage of FiveM as it offers all the features you need to experience wonderful multiplayer gaming with the role of your choice.

Grand Theft Auto has various features that will enhance your overall experience at any given time. Ranging from the creation of custom cars, maps, characters to weapons, and more, there are many things you can do using this modification. Your Grand Theft Auto gaming experience will always be assured as you join this renowned game server.

Being a modification for GTA V with a multiplayer feature, everyone has something to enjoy here. Therefore consider taking advantage to enjoy customized features provided on the dedicated servers today.

here are various features associated with this multiplayer GTA RP game that made it the desire of many. Some of these assure features that set FiveM apart from others include: Streaming, AI, Sync quality, Standalone, and more.

So, you will always experience gaming entertainment as you go for this assured multiplayer RP game server mod.

Eclipse RP

Eclipse is an impressive role-playing server in Grand Theft Auto you will like to join. It is categorized among the heavy hitters as it hosts more than 200 players at the same time. There are various features associated with this GTA 5 Eclipse RP server that set it apart from others around. One of the most attractive features of this server is the detailed nature of the forum platform. 

Everything on the forum section comes with clearly laid out of numerous crime factions so can easily join. The Clowns, Los Santos Irish Mob, and more are among the crime factions you will find in the role-playing GTA 5 game mod. With its multiplayer feature, you can be sure of enjoying a great gaming experience as you join the server.

RP is popular for its Twitch streamer. So, players can make use of this game mod to roleplay as the original Grand Theft Auto character.


Amid many role playing servers, NOPIXEL is known for its popularity. It is a popular server you will like to join, whether as a newbie or an advanced player. However, you should know that this GTA game server is equally known as the most difficult of all.

The game server is created to support only 32 players once and recurrent by Summit1G, Lirik, Moonmoon, and more. However, the server suspended its operation after being overloaded with more than 4,000 gamers that made it unavailable presented.

Although the game server’s operation was suspended or down presented, it is expected to come up shortly allow more gamers to enjoy the roleplaying features associated with it. That is the best role play Grand Theft auto mod server you can find anywhere as it offers every player the desired role.


Have you been looking for the GTA 5 roleplaying mods (FiveM/Rage MP/GT-MP) server that will allow you to play at your pace? Do you want to take the role of a mafia in the city of sin, but do not know the best way to go about it?

No worries if these are what you want as you have come to the right online platform where your needs will be met.

Mafia City is already two years in development and has been open for sign up to gamers across the globe. Several mind-blowing features are provided to gamers in this server. It comes with customizable player corporations and business, legal, and illegal system and more. It may also interest you to know that the entire property in this game server is available for sale.

So, if you are to obtain any of them, you must be ready to part with your in-game currency.

Some of the available property here for sale includes hotels, houses, Apartment, condos, and more. It may interest you to note that Grand Theft Auto Mafia City roleplaying server offers the player a chance to play as gangsters, cop, or gluttonous CEO. So, the choice is yours to choose the role to take in this game.


 If you want a text-based role playing server that will enhance your fun and entertainment, join the GTA WORLD. Being a text-based role-playing mod, there is a place to whirl on the Grand Theft Auto. So, it is basically for those that do not always chat strangers.

More so, this is one of the GTA RP mod servers with a large number of members. Joining the mod server is also easy, and you do not have to spend your precious time to get the result you need here. So, you should not delay another minute before going for the things provided on this renowned platform.

What is GTA 5 Rage MP

Take your role-playing experience to another level in Grand Theft Auto Five with Rage MP mod, and you will be glad that you did. The Rage MP is a modification for GTA V offering dedicated servers as well as a multiplayer feature to the game.

More so, this GTA 5 role playing mod has the same FPS as the singleplayer, which made it desirable by everyone. Joining this service is also easy and does not require several processes.

Another thing you should know about this game modification is that it offers everyone something amazing. That is why you should go on and take advantage of it today without wasting another minute.

How to start playing Rage MP

You can easily learn how to play the rage multiplayer game as you check through the modification provided on the GTA game. To play Grand Theft Auto on Rage MP, run Rage Multiplayer on your computer by double-clicking the file shortcut on the desktop and wait for the update to complete before getting started.

Change your director or nickname on the Setting and start to enjoy your gaming experience as you wish.

It may interest you to know that you can play with your friends only on the Rage MP. So, you will always have an opportunity to enjoy gaming experience the way you want without issues. To make this possible, check to navigate to the singleplayer menu and choose section with a friend only option.

When you are done with these things, you can start the actions, missions, and play the role you want. Everything you need to live an amazing life in the gaming world is already provided on this GTA 5 game modification. That is why you should go on and take advantage of the Grand Theft Auto 5 Rage MP today without another delay.

Joining a Server

If you have desired to want to join the GTA 5 Rage MP server mod but do not know the steps to make that possible, there is no need to worry as you have come to the right place where your needs will always be met. There are a few steps required of anyone interested in joining Grand Theft Auto Rage Multiplayer mode.

Some of the steps you should take to begin to take action and take the role of any of the game character include:

  • Check on the official site to find out the prerequisites
  • Install the game mod
  • Start the application
  • Join the game mod and enjoy role-playing as you desire.

Go ahead and enjoy playing the game that will meet your needs always today without wasting time. Also, take your time to confirm more about the features of this impressive game mod server available on the internet. Make a smooth and accurate shot in GTA 5 RP mods with the role-playing feature.

Taking advantage of Rage Multiplayer game mod features will make your gaming fun and entertaining. You do not have to pass through stress to join any of the server or to install the mod into your device and enjoy.

GT-MP Gameplay

How to Get Started with GT-MP

Have you been thinking of the best way to take your gaming to another level of fun and entertainment? You are not to worry as Grand Theft Multiplayer is here to make your daily amazingly interesting.

GT-MP is a well-known game mod, offering gamers with everything they need to experience everything they desire to make their gaming more enjoyable. In that regard, you are not to waste another minute before going ahead to take advantage of the opportunity the game modification offers.

Gamers across the globe are provided with an opportunity to take their gaming to another level without delay in this Grand Theft Multiplayer game. Take your gaming to the level you desire, and you will always be excited about playing with your friends and other gamers on the internet.

Discover more ways to make your leisure unforgettable by playing the GT-MP today. The opportunity you have always desire to experience unforgettable gaming is what this Grand Theft Auto modification is made to offer.

One more thing you should know about this game mod is that it allows players to make something out of their game at any given time. Also, as you engage in the GT multiplayer gaming, you can challenge your friends in taking certain roles and see who will win at the day.

How to play the GT-MP on your device

When you come across a new GTA5 mod you will try to know how to play the game. That is same with the GT-MP, created with exciting and fun features that will always meet your needs. Therefore, you can check on GTA Cache to learn more about the best way to go about your multiplayer game with this modification. It is the best modification that will always meet your gaming needs.

Grand Theft Auto 5 does not give room for multiplayer, but most people desire to enjoy the multiplayer feature. Many people have desired to have this problem fixed without solution s the game id created just that way. One of the ways to use the multiplayer feature is by playing with two consoles, two game copies, and two screeds.

With the help of the GT-MP, you can be sure of experiencing gaming in a more entertaining and fun manner. Go on and benefit from this game mod, and you will be glad that you did it at the end of the day.

How to install GT-MP

The installation of the Grand Theft Auto Multiplayer Mod is not difficult, and you can complete it quickly when you follow the steps provided on the internet.

The first thing is to make sure you get the required file and download the GT-MP file into your device. When you are done downloading the file, double click on the file to install and run.

Below are the installation steps:

  • Check the mod page or the official site to download GT-MP-Setup.exe
  • Launch The GT-MD with the installed launcher
  • Navigate to the upper right part of the page and press on the LAUNCH for game launch using the mod
  • Check the menu button to pick server browser to join your desired server
  • Close the game for the launcher to revert your Grand Theft Auto V folder to the clean state.

Final Words

You can always discover the best way to enjoy Grand Theft Auto Role Play mod after reading through the content of this post. The interesting thing about the GTA RP mod is that it allows players to take up the role of any character of their choice.

In that regard, players can live their normal life in the gaming world as they take advantage of the role play mod provided. Also, you can find out more ways to experience entertaining gaming at any given time as you install any of the game modifications provided on the internet.

The gaming experience is enhanced with the availability of the different role play mod servers provided on the internet. Another thing you should know is that joining GTA 5 role playing mods (FiveM/Rage MP/GT-MP) is easy.

You can go ahead and take up the opportunity to enjoy living your normal life in the virtual world through role-play provided in the Grand Theft Auto V online video game.