GTA 5 Drug Trafficking Mod Download

Download Drug Trafficking Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


Drug trafficking is a punishable offense in the world today. But to know the drug traffickers, one has to find out how to be in their midst. You can do that in the gaming world by downloading the GTA 5 drug trafficking mod. The traffickers are known for their luxury lifestyle and excessive spending, and you can try living like them to know what it feels. The new Grand Theft Auto V has availed gamers an opportunity to experience the drug trafficking lifestyle in the virtual world. Think about buying drugs and hiding away from the cops to avoid being arrested.

What’s Drug Trafficking Mod?

The best way to know the enemy is by working with them. That is why you should take advantage of the GTA 5 drug trafficking mod features to make your Grand Theft Auto experience satisfying. The Grand Theft Auto has everything you need to experience the drug trafficking in the virtual world. Check out the bunch of drug dealers around to buy the kind of drug you want at an affordable price. These are the drug barons the cops are looking for around to apprehend. So, be careful while you work with them.

How to Install Drug Trafficking Mod for GTA 5

Installation of the gta 5 drug trafficking mod is easy. To install this game you are to do the following:

  • Make sure there are Microsoft Visual C++ and Micrsoft.NET Framework
  • Redistributable Package (X64) on your device.
  • Download the Script Hook V and install it
  • Download latest Script hook V.NET and copy ASI in the folder provided
  • Extract Drug Traffic.dll to the GTA V scripts.

Things you should know about the Drug Trafficking Mod

You will find out the simplest ways to take advantage of the as you check through GTA Cache available on the internet. Everything you need to experience the level of satisfaction you desire from Grand Theft Auto is already made available on this game mod.

Your chances of living a rugged life in the gaming world will be assured as you go for the gta 5 drug trafficking mod. Many features are added here to make gamers enjoy the time spent playing the game. Join among those that will enjoy the drug trafficking mod provided here, and you will be glad.

Don’t forget to test this mod out together with Crime and Police Rebalance to take this to a whole other level.

New Features

Many impressive features are added on the gta 5 drug trafficking mod to make gamers remember the time spent playing this game. Each of the new versions comes with improved features.

There are many new drug dealers, safe places, and reduced chances of seeing your gun added in version 0.5. More so, you can go on and unlock more features as you play the game on your PC today. To find out how to unlock the features, you should check on the GTA 5 drug trafficking mod.