GTA 5 Slow Motion Cheat Code

Get slow motion in GTA 5 with cheat codes published by Max Edwards.

When you’re on GTA 5, things may be too fast for your liking. So what would you do to get things down a notch? The best choice is a slow motion cheat. On GTA 5, the slow motion cheat codes brings everything down to your level for a more comfy gaming experience.

Get Slow Motion with These Cheat Codes:

PlayStation 3 & 4:


Xbox One & 360:


PC (Steam/Social Club):


Cell Phone:

  • 1-999-756-966
slow motion cheat code

How to Enter GTA 5 Slow Motion Cheat Codes

Currently, there are three methods to enter cheat codes into your game. These methods are dependent on your device and the version of your game. Note that the codes presented in this cheat set only function on PS4, Xbox One and PCs. Here are the methods for entering cheat codes;

  • Buttons
  • Keyboard
  • Cell Phone Codes

Final Words

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Note that the GTA 5 cheat codes only function when you’re offline as the developers currently have a disable feature in place for all cheats on the GTA 5 Online version.