GTA 5 Fuel Mod Download

Download Simple Fuel Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


Several things are to be considered when you want to take advantage of the GTA game mod. Consider the possible bugs associated with the mod to avoid causing a problem to your game profile. The GTA 5 fuel mod script is here to meet your gaming needs. Your gaming will be loaded with fun and excitement as you take advantage of the best mods offered here on GTA Cache. You are now a fuel dealer selling to customers from different parts of the city. Since your customers will be coming in different cars, you have to provide the fuel tank suitable for different vehicles.

What’s Simple Fuel Mod Script?

If you have dreamed of selling fuel in the GTA 5 game, the gta 5 fuel mod is made for you. Working at the fuel garage is challenging, as you must be careful of fire outbreaks and other things possible around. You must be ready to take advantage of the features provided in this game mod to experience the level of fun and entertainment you desire. Look at the vehicle dashboard to determine if the fuel gauge is working or not. More so, you can also find out the kind of car your customers are using before selling fuel to them. RPM/ Throttle-based consumers are also to be considered in the game mod.

How to install the GTA 5 Fuel mod

Many modifications are made in the Grand Theft Auto using this gta 5 fuel mod. There is a global fuel consumption factor in every vehicle, and you can change at the mod menu. To install this game mod and enjoy as you desire, you should do the following:

  • Make sure ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade
  • Check the Drop.asi and the complete “LeFixSimpleFuel” to the GTA V directory
  • Install the “my speedo” mod (optional)
  • Check for the mod menu by pressing F11.
simple fuel mod script for GTA 5

Features you should know about

There are many features associated with GTA 5 fuel mod, which you will understand you check through the full description. You can find the description at the GTA Cache online platform. There are a lot of available settings available here, which can allow you to enjoy the game mod more.

Among the game feature is refueling at any available fuel stations, you can also buy fuel on your jerry can if you are driving a vehicle with a combustion engine. Several languages are supported here to allow everyone to enjoy the game. You can find the game mod in English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and more.

Updates & New Features

Adding to the old features, there are some updated features present. Some of the available new features added to this game are reasons people delight in the GTA 5 fuel mod. The fuel bar colors and designs are among the newly added features. The fuel consumption is made to run when you are seating at the driver’s seat. Also, if your fuel tank gets empty, you will be notified above the fuel bar.

Things Super Mario is capable of doing in this mod 

It is up to Mario and the friend to choose the best action to take in the unknown city they have found themselves. Some of the possible actions to take in the gta 5 super Mario mod are smelling the roses, wreaking havoc, driving through the city, participating in pole dance, and more. You can check here at GTA Cache to find out how to install this game mod to your device.