How to Increase Stats in GTA 5 Online

Learn how to increase strength, stamina, stealth and more in GTA 5 by Edward Carr.

It is a common thing for many players to seek to know how to increase stats in GTA 5. The methods or styles mentioned in this article may not be exhaustive.

But I trust that it will do a lot of good by increasing your strength and statistics when these methods are well put into action. This article will diligently focus on how to increase your stats in GTA 5 Online.

The other methods that may be of immense benefit are flying and driving. If you do not know how to fly an aircraft, you may need to learn it so that the activity can increase your strength.

In the same vein, driving will also increase it as well. Be sure to get involved in challenges that have to do with all the methods that have been mentioned and your strength will increase.

strength increase

Increase Strength

In the real world, strength is very important to carry out daily activity. Many players often request to know how to increase strength in GTA 5 Online. Your ability as a player to take part in every physical action is very critical in rising your strength in-game.

Regular physical activity is key to maintaining physique as far as GTA 5 is concerned. If a player refuses to log in for a very long time the player’s stats begins to decline arithmetically.

franklin running fast


Every player must work on their stamina. This is because the more the stamina, the more the strength. A player with a very strong stamina is expected to perform optimally in physical activities.

A strong stamina increases the ability to pedal, swim, sprint and much more without falling down as a result of a heart attack.

One way that you can use to realize this is to get a simple bicycle. And use the bicycle to pedal round the city if possible very fast. If you know some bicycle tricks you can do it so that your stamina is increased and by extension your strength increases too.

Another way that you can gain stamina s to sprint around the city. It works!


In the quest to know how to increase stealth in GTA 5, some desperate players seem use this method to build up strength.

Meanwhile, some seem not to like the method. This involves just quietly walking around the city. In this process, you could carry out some stealth killings.

On your console, you can go for a peer pressure mission where stealth killing can be easily carried out with ease. A knife is the weapon that is good for such mission. As you go on this mission, it will increase your strength and that is good for your statistics.

Do put into practice the stealth take-downs on a regular basis.

swimming underwater franklin GTA V

Lung Capability

As you seek to know how to increase lung capability in GTA 5, also try out lung capability. Many players seem to enjoy this style as it is entertaining as well as competitive.

Lung capability is a measure of how long your lungs can hold breadth. When you undertake a mission that involves swimming where you will need to hold your breath for a long time without using Scuba Gear, it will greatly help to increase your strength.

Many players find this mission very easy as they possess the ability to hold breath for a long time. The more you stay under the water, the more your statistics will increase and the more your strength will also increase.

Always look out for underwater mission as you desire to record statistics increase.

franklin shooting at police

Shooting & Aim

Learning how to increase your shooting in GTA 5 Online will increase your statistics. Shooting is a very physical activity that will quickly raise your strength.

This statistic can be well improved and increased when you target your enemies, whether at a close range or at a far distance. Now, when you fire your enemies in the head, it counts more for you. In the same vein, when you undertake a challenge or mission that will involve shooting.

In the challenge, when you win a gold medal, you will increase by nearly 3%; when you win silver, you will increase by nearly 2%; while bronze will attract nearly 1%. You can do this challenge on your own or with a friend.