GTA 5 No Water Mod Download

Download No Water Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


The GTA 5 no water mod script is created to give you a responsibility of trying to survive in different environmental situations, such as drought, flooding, and tsunami. So, you will have to learn to survive in all adverse situations and conditions as you continue to play this game. The game mod adds an amazing world of exploration to the Grand Theft Auto. That is why you should go on and install it into your device to begin to enjoy what the mod has to offer.

What’s No Water Mod?

Basically, this mod will remove all water from GTA 5. The Grand Theft Auto V gaming control comes in different ways, and you must be creative enough to achieve your aim. You can discover more ways to make your gaming more entertaining and satisfying as you embrace the GTA 5 no water mod. The game mod comes with features that changes the environment to draught, and you must do everything possible to survive without losing any thing.

There is also water mode with inverted controls when playing underwater. The control is similar to the plane controls. Press the X button as you hold down left stick key. Left shift key and W on your PC will make you to dive down the water. Search through GTA Cache to learn more about how to the mod.

Things you should know about the No Water mod

You cell phone is an important tool while in a surviving situations. You must try as much as possible to bring out the cell phone without being damaged in the water. The GTA 5 no water mod put the entire gaming control into your hands. Press the Backspace key or T on your PC to bring out your cell phone.

The parachute jump control in the No Water mod

Whether you are playing on the Xbox, PlayStation or any other game consoles, you need to master the jumping with parachute. In your gta 5 no water mod, you must be ready to learn the short control tips provide don the internet when you want to enjoy Grand Theft Auto using this mod. More so, it is necessary that you check through GTA Cache where you can be sure of learning about anything you need to know regarding the game mod and more.

How to install the GTA 5 No Water Script

The GTA 5 no water mod installation is easy and you do not have to bother wasting time to get it done. You can learn how to install the water mods, pedestrian’s mods, sea life mods, and more.

  • Download the water.xml from the archive
  • Run the OpenIV and open common.rpf
  • Open data folder
  • Open levels folder
  • Open GTA V folder
  • Right click the water.sml file and choose replace
  • Select the extracted file.