GTA 5 Raise Wanted Level Cheat Code

Raise your wanted level in GTA 5 with cheat codes published by Max Edwards.

Troublemakers like getting the environment uneasy for them to thrive. For the best chaos wherever you go, there’s no better option than getting the law enforcement agents pissed off.

There are stars which rise to the level of which you’ve offended the cops, and this level keeps increasing till multiple agencies will try to bring you down.

I don’t know about you, but it’s fascinating whenever you get into a shoot-out with the cops and beat them at it! But be careful before activating the Raise Wanted Level cheat code as you may be overwhelmed without the right tools.

It’s so easy to load up this cheat, and you’ll be set to get the law pissed wherever you go. Let’s take a look at how you can get the code to raise your wanted status across consoles.

Raise Your Wanted Level with These Cheat Codes:

PlayStation 3 & 4:


Xbox One & 360:


PC (Steam/Social Club):


Cell Phone:

  • 1-999-384-48483
franklin shooting at police

How to Enter GTA 5 Raise Wanted Level Cheat Codes

Making Use of Buttons

Using buttons on your joystick helps you get the cheat codes activated on GTA 5. It’s so easy as all you need to do is get the codes active while on the gameplay environment with fast fingers on your console.

There are other methods used in entering GTA 5 cheat codes, and they are;

  • Using a Keyboard (PC)
  • Using Your Protagonist’s Cell Phone

Final Words

Action games are in no short supply. But to get the top action game perfect for you, GTA 5 should be your only choice.

It has the best, most enthralling sequences that’ll keep you hooked to your console/PC. The game has some of the best graphics to make your time in the fictional environment rather eventful.

To make the game worth your while, you have an assortment of vehicles to ensure you get around town easier.

Also, weapons are plentiful to select from when you need to be in a shootout. There are so many interesting features of the game that’ll keep you excited and return for more.

But there are some features that remain under wraps. These features can only be unlocked with a cheat code list. When this is what you need, there’s no better cheat set in the land than on GTA Cache.

Use these codes in getting the cheat activated and you’ll get your wanted level increased for the best battles with law enforcement.