GTA 5 Home Invasion Download

Download Home Invasion Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


Grand Theft Auto introduces several things to gamers that will make them excited as they play along. But to make the games more interesting and captivating, the GTA 5 home invasion mod script was created. The game mod is created to allow you to cause mayhem anywhere you go. The houses where your foes are living should be invaded and destroyed without wasting time. All the things you need to make your gambling fun have been provided in this game mod. To understand more about the mod, you should check through the GTA Cache available on the internet. 

What is Home Invasion mod?

The home invasion mod is a Grand Theft Auto 5 modification created to allow rob and steal things from your enemies. It is created to equip you with everything you need to invade the territory of your enemy and take over their property without being caught. Your foes will also try to come near your house to invade and cause chaos, but it is left for you to eight allow them or scare them away completely. You have everything you need to make sure that the enemies do not come close to your property in this game mod.

Things you should know about Home Invasion mod

Invading the home of your enemy is easy, but you must do that with caution to avoid being in trouble. You can invade the house you want at any point in time in this game. Robbing the houses required calculated and strategic planning to avoid getting into the hands of your enemies.

The home invasion mod is all about violence and invasion, which made it the game for everyone that wants to have a test of violence in the virtual world. Apply loud, stealthy or violent as you invade the property of people in Grand Theft Auto today.


The GTA 5 home invasion mod comes with some exceptional features that will make every gamer experience wonderful gaming all the time. You can invade the house the way you want, silent or loud. However, you must be very careful as you invade the houses as the residents are aware of the second amendment, which they can use against you. The available homes that can be robbed are already marked on the map. So, you will not find it difficult to locate them at any point in time.

The features available in this mod contributed to making the mod attractive to gamers. Some of the houses you can find in this new mod to invade at your own time and in your way include:

  • Small apartment
  • Beach houses
  • Hotel rooms
  • Mansions and Grand Theft Auto online apartment.

There are many other amazing features associated with this game mod.