GTA 5 100% Completion Guide & Checklist

Learn how to complete GTA 5 Story Mode at 100% by Edward Carr.

The Grand Theft Auto finally came on board after so much waiting by so many game players. The journey of the Grand Theft Auto saw it being updated until it got to GTA 5 which is where we are at the moment.

GTA 5 is amazingly hot with a lot of fun and back-breaking challenges or missions. In comparison to the previous series, there are completely modern systems with a whole lot of significant change in the way the game is played. Even in the present series, updates are being introduced for game players’ fun.

The goal of every game player is to see to the success or completion of all the missions in the series. The GTA 5 100% completion guide and checklist will make it possible for you to complete the game.

Generally, game players are always on the lookout for the GTA 5 100% completion guide and checklist. This article will provide just that for you. In this way, your much-awaited goal will be achieved.

The Requirements

The 100% completion are predicated on some requirements. Any player that is ready to complete all the missions with the GTA 5 100% completion guide and checklist as the manual, will have to consider the requirements as below:

  1. The very first requirement is that you must complete all 69 main storyline missions. This has to do with the completion of all of the Lester’s Assassination challenges or missions.
  2. You must also complete the 20 strangers and freaks missions.
  3. You will need to complete all the 14 random events.
  4. It is also important for you to complete all the 42 hobbies and pastimes.
  5. You must also complete 16 miscellaneous tasks.

GTA 5 requires that a great number of missions be completed as required to complete 100%. Also make sure that collectibles are found before finally granting the game player a 100% completion status.

he question may be – Is it possible to complete all the missions as stated above? This is the common question on the lips of some game players.

The answer to the question is that it is highly possible to complete all the required missions. But it ultimately requires a great deal of determination.

complete checklist

Platform Checklists

The GTA 5 100% completion guide and checklist to a greater extent has affirmed the website of Rockstar Games Social Club. The website is a platform where the progress of your completion of tasks or missions, which are undertaken by game players are recorded and also monitored respectively. This is very relevant.

The progress section permits a game player to monitor both incomplete and completed events, activities and missions. At any point in time, a game player will have the privilege to evaluate his or her gaming performance and should also devise a means of becoming better at it.

In the progress section, there are thumbnails for every category for each item. When a game player has not completed a mission, the item in question will be grayed out with a display of a lock on it. However, when a game player has completed a mission, the item in question will have a full colour with no lock on it.

Howbeit, it is germane to state clearly that it is not all items or missions that will count towards 100%. A mission like Trevor’s and Michael’s Strangers and Freaks missions will not count towards the 100%.

Completion Rewards

Every labor is supposed to attract wages. The GTA 5 100% completion guide must lead to a reward. The reward system will spur game players to push forward to the completion mark as the game players fix their eyes on the goal.

The reward will enable game players to strategize and re-strategize so as to be successful in every mission.

Another very important thing is that when a game player sees another game player doing well in terms of completion rate, it will boost them to forge ahead and even look for a way to break the record.

Some of the rewards that will be given to any game player that eventually completes the missions will be mentioned below:

  • A T-shirt that 100% is imprinted on it is awarded to the game player.
  • The UFOs will appear at Mount Chiliad, Fort Zancudo and Sandy Shores.
  • The career criminal trophy/achievement.

It should be noted here that some of these rewards will not appear instantly.

mission passed Franklin

Non-Required Missions

The 100% completion guide and checklist have identified some items or missions that will not count towards 100% completion. Despite the fact that it will not count towards the 100% completion, it will still count to other achievements.

The list of the non-required missions is as below:

  • Make use of a Car Wash.
  • Defeat all the golf and tennis opponents.
  • Make sure to unlock all the Golf challengers.
  • Strive to get Gold on all the story mode missions.
  • Complete all the Stunt Plane Time Trials
  • Complete all the Arms Trafficking Ground
  • Collect all the Submarine Parts Collectibles
  • Buy all of the Properties
  • Watch all the television programs
  • Hold up all the stores in San Andreas/Los Santos
  • Deliver the total number of 4 people to the Altruist Cult
  • Complete Franklin’s Children of the Mountain tests and receive the T-shirt
  • Go on scuba diving
  • Perform yoga activity
  • Attend all the Michael’s therapy sessions
  • Collect all the underwater briefcases
  • Ride the Aerial Tramway
  • Complete all the 50 Stunt jumps
  • Collect the Nuclear Waste Collectibles
  • Purchase all of the weapons and modifications
  • Purchase all the vehicle modifications
  • Visit all the websites
  • Get gold on all of the Shooting Range tasks
  • Get maximum statistics for all characters

Required Missions

The GTA 5 100% completion guide have identified the required missions. These missions will count towards the 100% completion. And every game player is expected to successfully complete these tasks.

The list of the required missions is as below:

  • You must get a lap dance at a strip club.
  • You need to rob a shop.
  • You must purchase a vehicle on the web.
  • You must complete 14 (out of 57) Random Events.
  • You need to complete all of Dom’s extreme sports missions.
  • Buy 5 money-generating properties.
  • Make sure that you visit the cinema.
  • Make a call to a stripper.
  • Do some stunt Jumps
  • You must complete 8 (out of 15) Knife Flights.
  • Complete Hao’s Shift Work mission with Franklin.

Nuclear Waste

The GTA 5 100% completion checklist will guide you in every step you need to take to arrive at the completion. Just like the real world, nuclear waste is also toxic in the virtual world. The nuclear waste is located in the sea very close to Los Santos.

With the help of an application, the waste can easily be collected. After you complete The Merryweather Heist you will discover a barrel, that worth $23,000. And when you collect all of them, that will give an additional amount of $250,000.

Hidden Packages

There are packages located throughout the waters. The total number of the packages is 12. Each package is actually a briefcase. The package can be collected as many times as possible. It is important to note that the package has a large amount of money inside it.

Out of the 12 packages, 11 are properly hidden in water. The hidden objects are sited around underwater debris like aircraft, ship, boat and even an automobile.

The package can be discovered either by Mini submarine or Dinghy. You can even equip the complimentary Scuba diving gear.

stripper women in Grand Theft Auto V

Prostitution in GTA 5

Prostitution is one of the things you have to finish to get 100% completion. Los Santos is about 23% of the GTA 5 world map. And that is where most of the challenges or missions take place.

Prostitutes can only be found at night as they are scattered all around Los Santos going about their business. In the same vein, some prostitutes can also be found in Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores but less in number when you compare it to what is obtainable in Los Santos.

You will need to receive the service of a prostitute at least once in order to attain the 100% completion. When protagonists have a sexual relation with a prostitute, it increases their stamina and also restores their health. You will need a good car to pick up a prostitute.

Do not make use of a rusted car, a bus, a truck, or an emergency vehicle for such operation. And when you drive towards the prostitute, do so with a low speed. This is because when you drive at high speed, you will definitely scare the prostitute away and you may not be able to complete the process.

When you finally pick her in your car, drive to a safe, secluded, and secured hide out which is not within the reach of the police. When you get to the location, pull up and the girl will name her price as you put off the headlight.

wildlife photography challenge

Wildlife Photography

The Wildlife Photography challenge is included in the GTA 5 100% completion guide and checklist.

This is a mission that is very important for every game player and it is compulsory since it will count towards the 100% completion. You are required to take 20 snapshots of animals using an application on a phone.

If the snapshots are okay, an additional option will be displayed in the menu. After sending the snapshots, there will be a response in the form of a letter which include a checklist where the photographed animals are marked.

Night Clubs

This is an after-hour activity in the GTA V world which is not included in the 100% completion guide. Night clubs are businesses where some more money is being made.

So many game players often decide to go and cool off, make friends, have fun, perform some heist and a whole lot more. In the GTA V world, there are about ten clubs.

Any of the ten clubs may be put on sale for those who may want to buy. When you are ready to purchase one or more of the night clubs, just simply navigate to the Maze Bank Foreclosures website and complete the purchase of the night club.

Once that is done, you become a legal and rightful owner of the club.