GTA 5 Manual transmission Mod Download

Download Manual Transmission Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


With the advent of technology, human life has been modified and made simpler. The way we live, interact with the environment, and go about our daily activities are now made simpler with the enhanced technology. The automobile world is not left behind in technology improvement as a formally manual transmission system has been increasingly replaced with the automatic transmission system. Most people driving cars nowadays do not know about the manual transmission system. That is what the GTA 5 manual transmission mod script is made to help return.

What is GTA 5 Manual Transmission Mod?

Manual transmission driving is another experience entirely for every driver. You can try it out in the gta 5 manual transmission mod today. Your manual driving is replicated in the gaming world. So, you are sure to live your real life in the gaming world as you go for this game mod. The new game mod offers support for the steering wheels with full integration. More so, there is full force feedback, several input devices, and a customizable setting to fit the wheel and personal needs.


Before you go for the manual transmission mod, you should take the time to find out the available features. Several amazing features can make your Grand Theft Auto fund and entertaining. By checking through GTA Cache, you will find out about the features of this wonderful game mod, which includes:

  • Support keyboard, input wheel, and controller
  • Friendly configuration menu
  • All land-based engine vehicles supported
  • Several options for your gaming mod
  • Works well with the drift mod.

Engine and Transmission Mechanics

To give you a realistic manual transmission driving experience, the gta 5 manual transmission mod is created with several mechanics. With these mechanics, you will always be sure of enjoying the amazing driving experience you have always desire. By checking through the GTA Cache, you will find the following mechanics: Engine braking, Clutch support, Engine stalling, and Engine damage.

There is much more to the transmission mechanics than listed on this online platform. So, take your time to check through the official platform to learn more about this game mod. You have an opportunity to take your gaming fun to entirely another height with this evolutionary game mod.

Available transmission system you can choose

Follow among those that will take their real manual transmission experience to the gaming world through this new game mode. It is the game mod with a difference, offering every gamer an opportunity to drive the manual vehicle of their choice.

The GTA 5 manual transmission mod script is created to give you fun gaming experience always. Do not waste another minute before using the mod, as it has the features that can change Grand Theft Auto. Some of the available transmission systems to choose on the internet include the sequential gearbox, Custom automatic gearbox, and H-pattern gearbox. Several features are provided here to meet your needs today.