GTA 5 Drift Mod Download

Download Car Drift Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


If you have dreamt where you are drifting with a racing car in Grand Theft Auto 5, you are not to dream further as the GTA 5 drift mod script is created to meet your needs. Racing is interesting and fun when you watch it on the television, but in the real world, it is an adventure you are not advised to take unless you are trained.

But, what if you can do it without involving into a real accident? This new Grand Theft Auto 5 mod is created to give you such an opportunity to make your drifting in the gaming world more real and entertaining than you thought. Confirm more about this game mode as you check through here on GTA Cache. You are sure to take your drifting and racing competition to a higher height.

What’s GTA 5 Car Drift Mod?

The GTA 5 drift mod is among the modifications on Grand Theft Auto 5 that
comes with special realism for drifting. You have full control of your car, and will always drift like a professional driver without getting wounded. But, learn the control to get a perfect drift that will put you ahead of your competitors. There is a 4X4 mode vehicle suitable for the drifting in this game mod.

You can also drift with another kind of cars present in the Grand Theft Auto V. The proper environment has been created; you are required to make the right driving input to make the drifting you want. The drifting is also made in the rear-wheel-drive cars created with slip differential and manual transmission. You can find out about that as you check through GTA Cache today.

How to Start Drifting in GTA 5 with Mods

Now that you want to enjoy your real driving style in the virtual world, you need the GTA 5 drifting mod. To sustain the driving drift, you are to keep the vehicle on as the rear wheel continues to spine, then throttle the car to about 80%.

To make this possible, there is a need for low traction and less slippery conditions. When the back of your car comes around too far, ease off the throttle gently and apply additional steering lock to correct the slide. These controls can be done with a PC keyboard.

If you want extra realism, combine this mod with the manual transmission for extra fun gameplay.

car drifting mod for Grand Theft Auto V

Compete with your friends in the Drift Mod

Your friends and other GTA gamers are around ready to compete with you in the gta 5 drift mod. So, you should find out the simplest ways to go about your drifting style to win the challenge.

To drift, you need to over-steer as you lose traction. But, you must maintain control of your driving with the corner. Your opponent will be surprised as you challenge them with this Grand Theft Auto new mod.

Is it possible to drive with FWD?

To drift, you need a car with rear-wear drive cars. But, it is still possible to drift an FWD vehicle if you are experienced in your drive. The GTA 5 drift mod will allow you to drift with any kind of transmission system and traction.