GTA 5 Spawn Buzzard Cheat Code

Spawn a Buzzard attack helicopter in GTA 5 with cheat codes published by Max Edwards.

Spawning vehicles on GTA has a special feel, especially when you need to get to a distant part of the map in a short while. On GTA, you can spawn many vehicles depending on your needs. You can also get to spawn planes and choppers to fit your need for speed.

Spawn a Buzzard Helicopter to get the fastest form of transport in your game. With a chopper in your inventory, you have the means to get through a land large area without fuss.

There’s no need to wait through traffic to get to your destination, spawn a chopper and hover to your location with greater ease.

Get A Buzzard Helicopter with These Cheat Codes:

PlayStation 3 & 4:


Xbox One & 360:

  • B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y

PC (Steam/Social Club):


Cell Phone:

  • 1-999-289-9633
Buzzard attack helicopter

How to Spawn a Buzzard with Cheat Codes


With the buttons on your joystick, you can easily enter cheat codes to activate the spawn buzzard cheat. Use the following steps to load the cheat on your PS4 and Xbox One console;

  • Open the game on your consol
  • Load the saved game of your choice or open a new game
  • Enter the main gameplay environment, preferably free-play
  • Enter the code for your console properly and with speed
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message that the cheat is now active

The other ways you can load the cheat are through your keyboard and cell phone.

Final Words

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