GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations

Find all stunt jump locations in GTA Online published by Edward Carr.

stunt jump locations on map

Find All Stunt Jumps in Los Santos

Take advantage of the opportunity the Grand Theft Auto 5 game offer to gamers across the world. It is the game that can make your experience more satisfying in the gaming world than it used to be.

The GTA 5 stunt jump locations are not easy to find. Most gamers have tried their best to get the location without success. By cheating, you will discover how to find your direction on the map.

So, do not waste another minute before taking advantage of the opportunity the experts are ready to offer. They are set to ensure every gamer gets the direction that will take them directly to the location without issue.

Where are the stunt jump locations?

Sometimes it is necessary to showcase your crazy skills in different ways. So, if you are looking for the best way to show your crazy skills, the time has come to make that possible. The GTA 5 stunt jump locations are provided for your crazy adventurous activities.

GTA 5 offers a specific launchpad to give you a cinematic experience. Take advantage of the slow-mo sequence to fly stylishly through on the air. Another thing about your landing is that it should be made in such a way for you to experience one piece landing for success and complete jump.

Stunt jumps in los santos

The Construction Site

When you check through the GTA 5 stunt jump locations, you will find the entire 50 Grand Theft Auto 5 Stunt Jumps scattered within the island. While it is true that there are some noticeable ramps, many other subtle inclines are around the world. So, you can drive across them without noticing their presence.

To you help you avoid missing the stunt jump, you should check through the locations provided here. Check out the locations on the map to spot it and get the available rewards. Checking through GTA Cache, you to easily understand the location guides provided using the map.

Visit the West

Have you visited the Western part of Los Santos? If no, it could be the reason you have not been able to locate the stunt jump of your choice. Also, North Blaine County is one place to check for the GTA 5 stunt jump locations. Search for the stunt on the construction site located within the Paleto Bay.

The truth is that you can drive off some small dirt ramp on the road. Make sure you check in to the parking lot where you are expected to complete the stunt jump. To find out more about this, you should check the GTA Cache on the internet.

Raton Canyon

Grand Theft Auto 5 gives it’s players an opportunity to visit some cities they could not have known in the real world. Move-in the Raton Canyon to drive to the mountainside, and continue to move to the south of the four parachute spots as indicated in the map.

When you get to the area, search for a ramp picture, and get a bike for your cruise. Move to the trail, and take the left side to the ramp, and you will find the collectible.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is another place to perform your stunt jump without wasting time. Discover more ways to take advantage of the best stunt jump locations to enhance your opportunity.

Before moving close to the lighthouse, you should move to the right to locate the house. Consider checking through the GTA 5 stunt jump locations that can give you clue of the location with ease.

Some things you should know about the stunt jump locations

No more will you continue to miss the stunt jump opportunities scattered around for you to benefit. The opportunity is already within your reach to enjoy. So, visit the western shore where you will find a small path to the south or northern part of the area.

The wooden bridge broken close to the parachute pier is the place to enjoy the stunt you have been searching for on the island. As you get to this location, hop over the available vehicle for your enjoyable stunt. The stunt jump locations are provided on the map to help you find the best location without stress.

Go on and take advantage of the opportunity to locate the stunt jump areas of the city. The experts are ready to give you information about the stunt jump locations.