GTA 5 spaceship Part Locations

Find all Spaceship part locations in GTA Online published by Edward Carr.

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Find All 50 Spaceship Parts in Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto 5 is loaded with a lot of several collectibles, and you can easily find them in the game. So, you should find out the best way to locate those collectibles and unlock the rewards. The Spaceship is currently the strangest set of collectibles you will find in this game.

Spaceship parts are 50 in number, and you are expected to track the entire collectibles to be rewarded with an amazing trophy. Take advantage of the opportunity provided in the GTA 5 space ship parts location.

You need the location on the map to complete the challenge. But, you must be able to combine Strangers as well as Freaks missions as you seek for the entire fifty spaceship parts.

Go on and take advantage of the opportunity this spaceship parts location offers by checking through the GTA Cache on the internet.

What you need to know about spaceship parts

If you have been looking for the best way to get as many collectibles as possible in the Grand Theft Auto V, you should consider taking advantage of the GTA 5 spaceship parts.

The location has already been specified to make it easy for you to find the collectibles and be rewarded accordingly. When you get to the location, you must be attentive to the sign and sound that will indicate the presence of the space ship parts.

You must complete the Shame or Fame mission ahead to stand a chance of finding the location of the collectibles. Fifty space ship parts are spread across the city, which made things tricky and more difficult for everyone. That is why the locations provided here are ideal to meet your needs.

Spaceship parts on in-game map

Spaceship Part Locations

Sandy Shores

Go for the GTA 5 spaceship parts location to get the collectibles and be rewarded in the game. Being able to know the possible locations will increase your chances of meeting your needs without stress.

The #4 Sandy Shores in the southwest of the island is the right place to check when you want to get some collectibles. Moving from Omega to different parts of the satellite dishes, you stand a chance of finding the collectible with ease.

Check through the desert to find the spaceship part within the westernmost dish walkway.

San Chianski Mountain Range

When you have collected the treasure in the Sandy Shores, you should also check the San Chianski Moutain Range. This place is located away from the western part of the city. It is where you will find a little trailer cluster. Also, close to the giant boat is a spaceship part.

By following the GTA 5 spaceship parts location provided here, it will be easier for you to get to the right spot and grab the treasures.


Experience easy treasure hunt in the Grapespeed location. That is one of the GTA 5 spaceship parts location where you will be sure of finding out more about the treasure you need to gain a reputation and reward in your gaming online.

Grapeseed is located within the south-central of the city. It is within a large farm where you will be sure of finding spaceship parts within the center of the cow pen.

Mount Chiliad

Consider checking through the Mount Chiliad to find the collectible kept in the town. It is one of the spaceship parts location you can check for the treasure.

To find the collectible here, use the map, and follow the road that connects to the eastern part of Mount Chiliad where the treasure is located.

Final Words

Now you can see how easy it is to find the right GTA 5 spaceship parts location for your treasure hunt in the Grand Theft Auto. It is the game that can give you more satisfaction as you play to make your day more satisfying and entertaining.

Experience the game more than ever by taking advantage of the opportunities available for those that go for the treasure. You stand a chance of being rewarded as you collecting the entire 50 spaceship parts within the town.

Unlocking the rewards is easy as it happens once you can get the collectibles. More so, when you succeed in getting the 50th collectible, the reward will be activated automatically.