GTA 5 Gravity Gun Mod Download

Download Gravity Gun Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


You have an opportunity to experience normal physics in the GTA 5 with the help of gta 5 gravity gun mod. The gravity gun is designed to dislodge majority of the fixed objects like payphones, mailboxes, and lightposts. These are to make it easy for you to pick these things and throw them to around as you wish using the normal physics.

You have an opportunity display in a special way with the help of the game mod. GTA Cache provides information about the game mods trending among game enthusiasts. So, you can visit the platform to learn more about any new mods.

What’s Gravity Gun Script Mod?

Grand Theft Auto V comes with several exceptional modifications that made it what it is today. The GTA 5 gravity gun mod is made to enhance your performance in the game. If you are unhappy about the pull/push gravity gun, this game mod will solve the problem. It is created to give you an opportunity to swing a vehicle in the air to watch it return and slam in the pavement as if it was done with the bungee cord. The game mod is among the favorite to a large number of gamers across the globe. You can learn more about it by checking on the GTA Cache online today.

How to Install The Gravity Gun Script

If you want to install the GTA 5 gravity gun mod, there are many essential factors to put into considerations. You should learn about the required files to download and install and find out the system specification. To get started with this game mod installation, you must make sure ScriptHookV is installed in your device.

Extract, copy the AdvancedGravity.asi, and AdvancedGravityGun.ini o the game directory. When you are done with these, you should launch the game to start to enjoy your gaming experience.

Features You Should KnowAbout

The gravity gun mod comes with some exceptional features added to meet your needs. Some of these features you should know include:

  • Forcefully swing your target around using the scroll wheel
  • Extreme range through ray-tracing technique. Grab the blimps and the airlines on the sky
  • The game mod do not require weapons for players to be well-armed
  • There are two different mods available for picking the entities
  • If you are arming at the laser sight, you should press “E” button.

New Features to GTA 5 Gravity Gun Mod Version 2.3

The gravity gun mod is available in various versions to meet the needs of gamers across the globe. Each of the new versions comes with special improvement. That is why you should consider taking advantage of it. Some of the improvement in the version 2.3 you should know includes.

Car teleporting feature, ped resurrections, MMB explosions removed, INI options added, blocked some player actions, and more. You can see that you have many improved features that will meet your gaming needs.