GTA 5 Bodyguard Mod Download

Download Bodyguard Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


Having bodyguards is a sign of becoming a public figure or celebrity. It is a sign that you do not want people to approve you like an ordinary person, but to be prepared when they want to approach you. But, when you plan to have a bodyguard, you should get ready to accept the challenges that come alongside.

Make sure you find out more about the requirements to recruit bodyguards before going ahead downloading one. The GTA 5 bodyguard mod script is created to give you a hint on what you should about working with a bodyguard.

What’s GTA 5 Bodyguard Mod?

The GTA 5 bodyguard mod is an evolution game mod designed for Grand Theft Auto V. It is a modification with vehicles, bodyguards, peds, weapons, and several commands. All the functions you have always wanted are made available here. So, you will be sure of enjoying an amazing experience always.


Mod features

Several features are provided in the Grand Theft Auto through the introduction of the gta 5 bodyguard mod. Therefore, you will discover a different way of enjoying your gaming evolutionary life as you embrace this wonderful modification. The game mod comes with up to eight squads to the boss. Players are provided with an opportunity to configure each of the teams, units, and squads as desired.

Some other features associated with this game mode, which you can find in GTA Cache include:

  • Commands
  • Aim commands and taxi for the entire vehicles
  • Deploy the squads on any of the vehicles
  • The bodyguards can use cars, helicopters, planes, or boats.
GTA 5 bodyguard script for PC

How to install the GTA 5 Bodyguard Mod

Installation of this gta 5 bodyguard mod is straightforward, as all you need is to get the files needed online. The first thing to do here is to extract the bodyguard squads V15 and the active bodyguard files.

When you are done with the file extractions, the next thing remaining is to install the game. More so, find out about the compatibility of the formal version of Grand Theft Auto in your system with this game mod before installation. GTA Cache is the right place to confirm more about the installation of this game.

Tips on how to use the bodyguard script

There are some essential tips on how to play the Grand Theft Auto using the gta 5 bodyguard mod you should know. The processes involved include:

  • Open the mod menu by pressing T
  • Hold the ctrl and mouse wheel to pick the order
  • Select a squad by pressing and holding the shift key + the mouseWheel
  • Right-click your mouse to aim at the weapon

You should also press on E on your PC to command your bodyguards to enter cars, planes, helicopters, or boats.