GTA 5 Multiplayer Co-op Mod Download

Download 2-Player Co-op Multiplayer Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


If you have dreamed of being in cooperative mode with your friends or associate through, you can now get that in Grand Theft Auto. The gta 5 multiplayer coop mod provided on the internet remains the most exulted GTA 5 mods, as it continues to attract the attention of gamers. Your cooperative dream has now become real with this multiplayer GTA game mod. Visit the GTA Cache to learn more about the best way to benefit from this superior game mode. 

What’s Multiplayer Co-op Mod?

With the gta 5 multiplayer coop mod, you can complete a mission with your colleagues and friends. Also, you will have the opportunity to experience heisting boys with random people. There is also an option for you to drive with your buddy around the states. Your game NPC can be shared with your friends, by clicking on the Share World with Players in the submenu of Settings. Press G to enter as into your car as a passenger, or press T to chat with your friends.

How to Install GTA 5 Multiplayer Co-op Mod

Installation of gta 5 multiplayer co-op mod has been simplified on the internet. You can visit the GTA Cache online to learn more about the best way to install this game mod and enjoy an unforgettable experience with Grand Theft Auto. The installation processes include:

  • Make sure ScriptHookV & ScriptHookVDotNet v2.4 is installed on your device
  • Drag all the contents of the folder to the scripts in the GTA5 root folder
  • Open the game menu by pressing F9, and connect to the server
  • To play offline, you will be required to visit the GTACOOPSettings.xml to change your name.

You’ll need server hosting for 2-Player Mod

The Grand Theft Auto game offers games an opportunity to host their server with the help of the gta 5 multiplayer co-op mod. To get this done, extract the entire server/folder content and run them on the GTAServer.exe. This action will give rise to the creation of Settings.xml to enable you to make some changes such as password, server name, and more. You can also announce yourself in the server list as a master.

Some side scripting associated with the server

Several things are possible in the gta 5 multiplayer co-op mod, and it is necessary to learn about them before getting started in the first place. The game mod allows players to create server scripts as well as game modes through GTAServer referencing as well as inheriting from the ServerScript class. For now, there are no issues reported by GTA 5 gamers about this game mod.

Co-op Mod Disclaimer

To be on the safe side while playing Grand Theft Auto, it is necessary to consider several things. Learn about the possible risk associated with the use of a particular game mod you want to install. GTA Cache is the place to find out about information regarding any GTA game mod. You will not have to worry about getting banned since this game mod is not related to the online mode. However, due to limitations in the technical features, there may be some glitches in gta 5 multiplayer co-op mod synchronization.