GTA 5 Super Mario Mod Download

Download Super Mario Odyssey Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


If you love a cartoon-like game, you are in the right place, as the GTA 5 super Mario mod is already created to meet your needs. The game mod is created to allow you to play alongside Mario and his friend on their trip to Los Santos. You will be allowed to join them in their confusion and figure out the best solution to the problem as you play Grand Theft Auto in this mod. The mod has changed the features of the GTA game, making it nice for everyone interested to enjoy nonstop gaming. Keep reading to learn more about the features of this modification.

What’s Super Mario Mod?

If you have ever planned a vacation with your friends, school mate, family, or colleagues, you will understand more about what Mario and his friends are expected to do. They are heading to the Los Santos city for fun and entertaining vacation but took a different direction that led them to New Donk City.


So, their experience will be shattered after seeing strange things they never expect. Find out more ways to be part of this game by installing the gta 5 super Mario mod today. Remember, you are the leader of the Mario group, so you must be ready to lead the way.

Will Mario and his friend meet their relaxing vacation expectation?

The experience of the Mario group at the end of the day is dependent on the decision you make as you embark on the journey with them. So, you have to try to think out something helpful to make the vacation relaxing as expected by the group.

The GTA 5 Super Mario mod comes with several features that will enable you to take actions and decisions regarding your movement with the group. Mario and friends have already taken a different direction, and cannot possibly enjoy the vacation they have planned. Rather they have to figure out the best way to play along in the unknown city.

Super Mario Odyssey mod for GTA 5

Some things Mario and friends saw in New Donk City

The City of New Donk is different compare to the Los Santos city. So, that wants to visit Los Santos, but move to Donk City will quickly know he is in the wrong place. However, the person must figure out the best way to avoid being seen as a newbie in the city. You can find out about this on the GTA Cache online platform. Some of the unsuspected sights of Mario and the friends include:

  • Strip clubs
  • Meagerly dressed ladies
  • Unpleasant event
  • Many Gangsters with hysterical police on their trail.

Things Super Mario is capable of doing in this mod 

It is up to Mario and the friend to choose the best action to take in the unknown city they have found themselves. Some of the possible actions to take in the gta 5 super Mario mod are smelling the roses, wreaking havoc, driving through the city, participating in pole dance, and more. You can check here at GTA Cache to find out how to install this game mod to your device.