GTA 5 Online Playing Card Locations

Find all playing card locations in GTA Online published by Edward Carr.

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Find All 54 Playing Cards in Los Santos

You may have heard about the 54 Grand Theft Auto Online playing cards scattering the breadth and length of the great city of San Andreas. You might also be aware that the scared online cards will take a lot of time to be gathered. That is what you are expected to do in the Grand Theft Auto Online – Playing cards.

The confusing thing to most gamers is to find the location of these scattered cards, which you are expected to take your time and find out in the game.

So, are you now ready to explore all the GTA Online Playing Cards locations? You are not to worry as you have landed where your needs will be met.

What you should know about GTA Online Playing Cards locations

Welcome to the right online platform where you will be sure of finding the GTA Online Playing Cards locations for every playing card scattered across the city. The information on the rewards is also provided for you to be motivated before embarking on the search to find the hidden cards.

The rewards to unlock as you find all the missing cards are enormous, and you have to do your best to unlock as many as possible. To resemble the scattered card deck, you must embark on a treasure hunt on the island of San Andreas. The truth is that playing cards are small, which means, you must be ready to pay attention to find out the card when hidden amid other items.

The most interesting about the collectibles is their glowing, serving as a hint to find them with ease. So, if you are looking to resemble the card decks without stress, you must pay attention to the glowing spots. 

all playing card locations GTA Online

Why you should Collect All Playing Cards

There are many reasons you should GTA Online Playing Cards locations as you look for the hidden cards in the island. The first reason to embark on this treasure hunt expedition is to be rewarded.

The information provided here about the position or location of the playing cards is enough to help you unlock as many of them as possible. So, you should not be scared as the help you need to find the collectibles and unlock the rewards are within your reach here.

In this content, you are going to learn the secret to finding the hidden cards in the 54 Grand Theft Online playing cards. Therefore, you now have an opportunity to improve your search to scoop up all the elusive collectibles within the specified time.

Pick your preferred vehicle for the journey to visit the island of Los Santos and easily complete the collection.

Get rewarded for finding the scattered cards in the GTA Online

It may interest you to note that you have an opportunity to be rewarded with RP as well as casino chips when you find any of the collectibles. So, do not continue to wonder what you stand to gain when you embark on this strenuous search. With the rewards provided here, you will get some pin money required to engage in slots gaming as well as other interesting table games.

The starting point of the chip reward is 100 chips, and that will be for every five cards you found. When you have been rewarded for your first five chips, the rewards will be increased to 50 chips when you get more cards ranging from 150 chips for sixth to 200 chips for seventh, and more.

The rewards continue to increase up to about 2,500 when you reach the 54th card. In that regard, you will get about 66,650 chips in total for casino gaming.

How to qualify for the rewards in this card gathering game

If you are a starter here and looking for the best way to be qualified for the rewards, it is simple, get as many cards as possible.

The GTA Online Playing Cards locations provided will enhance your chances to get the entire 54 cards to resemble the card deck as earlier. When you collect the last card, which is the 54th, you will be able to unlock the special High Roller Outfit for your stylish appearance in San Andreas.

The outfit unlocked will become part of your wardrobe, adding to a special card set. These are the cards you will use in the Penthouse suite Private Dealer. One more thing you will get here is the exclusive Bag items for the Collectors.

You will need to use the bag in the Red Dead Online. That is if you are interested in following the roles of the Red Dead Online part. Visit the GTA Cache online platform to understand more about how to go about this treasure hunt and earn rewards.

The Playing cards map and what you should know

If you must be great at finding GTA Online Playing Cards locations, one thing is very crucial. You must be ready to learn how to read maps. When you look at the map, you will see the possible locations of all the entire 54 Grand Theft Auto-playing cards.

To make use of the map in finding the cards, you should click on the spot to zoom out for easy visibility.

When you zoom out on the map, you will get information on the right place to look, and find out about the map as listed. So, you are at a better advantage to experience the highest level of satisfaction when you take advantage of the map information as provided.

Many Grand Theft Auto Five fans are already celebrating the rewards they have been able to unlock.

The Playing card location you should know

Do not continue to waste much of your time when trying to find the GTA Online Playing Cards locations without working with the guidelines provided by the renowned team. By following the expert guides, you will be able to locate the spot where the cards are placed without wasting much of your time.

The first Grand Theft Auto Online playing cards number one position is under the dock. You can find the dock when you check broken railing located at the right bottom of wooden steps.

That is what you need to find the cards with ease. The moment you get close to the location of the card, you will get the signal to indicate its position.

Where to find the scattered card in Los Santos

San Andreas is an interesting city to be, but when it comes to treasure hunt, it is a complicated city. So, showcase your expertise to treasure hunt in this city. There are distractions here, and there this location, which made it difficult for most people to succeed in finding the hidden treasures.

Knowing how to read the map will increase your chances of finding the location of the treasure. Find out the GTA Online Playing Cards locations to be rewarded hugely as you work following the guidelines provided on the internet. More so, your ability to pay attention to every little detail will help you to find the hidden treasure.

Search the bottom cable of the car stable to find the treasure. You can get to this location through the window ledge facing the stairs. There are great rewards associated with finding the treasures in the hidden location.

Spot the hidden card in-game

The subtle hidden of the GTA Online Playing Cards locations has contributed to its difficulty for gamers to find them. Who could have imagined a treasure to be stacked on the ATM? It is almost unthinkable, which is the reason most people are not able to get an idea about the possible location of the playing cards.

To find the third card, you should pay attention to searching the ATM of the Herr Kutz barbershop. That is where you will find the treasure attached to the ATM. Go on and explore this location to unlock the hidden treasure and be rewarded in the process.