How To Recruit Gang Members in GTA San Andreas

Grove street gang members in GTA San Andreas

Respect is not easy to come by, you have to earn it. Now we’ll tell you how to do that in GTA San Andreas.

To recruit members for your gang in GTA San Andreas, you first have to earn the necessary respect. Carl must first prove that he deserves to rally the tough guys of the city around him and lead them. But that’s not so difficult, as you’ll see in a moment.

How to recruit gang members

Recruiting itself is a piece of cake: just aim at the person of your choice and press the control pad up on consoles or the default “G” key on PC. It works similarly if you want to remove a person from your gang. To do so, aim at them and press the control pad down or the “H” key.

In total, Carl can include up to seven other criminals in his gang – but only if he has reached the maximum level of respect. If he doesn’t get enough respect, even fewer members can follow him. Here you can see exactly how much respect you need for how many gang members:

  • 1 percent or higher: two gang members
  • 10 percent or higher: Three gang members
  • 20 percent or higher: Four gang members
  • 40 percent or higher: Five gang members
  • 60 percent or higher: Six gang members
  • 80 percent or higher: Seven gang members

You want respect? Here’s how you can earn it

In GTA San Andreas, it’s not particularly difficult to get the respect you need. Basically, you just have to do what you’ve been doing all along anyway: fight with rival gangs and, in the best case, win. Of course, you can also lose your well-deserved reputation, but the game will be merciful and let you replenish your respect quickly.

Here you can see all the actions that have an effect on your respect:

  • Gain territory: +30
  • Kills a rival gang member: +0.5
  • Kills a dealer: +0.005
  • Kills a member of your gang: -0.005
  • Kills a member of your gang by someone else: -2
  • Lose territory: -3

If you’re having trouble taking on rival gangs, you can help yourself out with better weapons. In our article about the best shooting weapons in GTA San Andreas, we’ll show you which items are particularly worthwhile.

You can also use cheats to get even more gang members!