GTA 5 Letter Scrap Locations

Find all letter scrap locations in GTA 5 published by Edward Carr.

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50 Letter Scraps in Los Santos

You may have heard about exploring the city of Los Santos by fluttering on the air. There are more than 50 GTA 5 letter scraps subtly hidden in the island, and it is your responsibility to find them.

The pieces of paper serve as collectibles and more in Grand Theft Auto V. More so, the papers are said to be among the confession notes, written by the infamous Leonora Johnson, the Vinewood starlet killer.

If you are ready to solve the ancient mystery and judge the murderer, you should follow the guide provided here. Take advantage of the GTA 5 letter scrap locations provided here to understand the right place to find the letter scraps. Also, you can go on and check through the GTA Cache to understand more about the locations of the Grand Theft Auto 5 letter scrap locations.

Letter Scrap Locations in GTA 5

Check the Dignity Village letter scraps

Working as a detective is not as easy as it requires thoughtful calculations. You must be ready to engage in critical thinking as you put on your detective hat to find out the murderer that has been parading himself around the city. Finding the location of the killer will be easier when you take your time to explore the GTA 5 letter scrap locations.

Go inside the Dignity Village to find the traces that will lead you to the killer. To locate the killer, move to the left and turn right to get to the tent. The tent has a banner at the entrance with the inscription “Social Justice for All.”

Visit the East Coast of Los Santos

The east coast within southern Gordo mount is one of the places to find the letter. Take your time to explore the part of the city to find the collectibles that will make you earn some rewards. Another thing is that you will be able to take advantage of GTA 5 letter scrap locations where your work as a detective will be made easy.

When you get to the east coast, you will find two houses within the island. The lighthouse and small house within the island are where you will find the hidden collectible.

Go to the Northern Edge

Visit the northern edge and check through the Grapeseed center to find the long canopies within the field. The three canopies are two whites and one green placed in the middle of the field.

Check through the white canopies to find the scrap. The northern edge is one of the GTA 5 letter scrap locations you should know about when you want to be rewarded in the game.

Visit The East Docks

Are you searching for the best location to find the letter scraps in the Grand Theft Auto? No worries as the locations are now spelled out for you to explore and find out more about it. Take your time to check through the location to find the scrap. It is where you will be sure of getting the collectible that will earn you some rewards.

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Become a successful detective to find the murderer of Leonora Johnson

You now have what you need to work as a detective in the city of Los Santos as you investigate the killer of the starlet Vinewood. Everything you need to experience easy investigation and enhance detective ability is already provided in this game. So, you should go on and check through the available GTA 5 letter scrap locations to get the possible rewards available.

Check the beach of Procopio and to towards the shore close to the little log building. It is the right place you can find out more about letter scrap that will direct you to the location of the killer.

Final Words

No more will you continue to struggle to find the letter scrap that will take you to the murderer as the locations provided here will help you. It is where you can be sure of finding out more about the criminal that has been moving around without being arrested.

Bring the killer to justice will make you get rewarded accordingly. So, do not delay further before exploring the location specified.

Checking through the locations will help you find out more about the collectible and make your game more entertaining and rewarding. The reward you need to make your GTA 5 game more enjoyable is provided in the locations indicated here.