GTA 5 Pokémon GO Mod Download

Download Pokemon GO Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


Pokemons are the pocket monsters as explained in the Japanese franchise by the Pokemon Company. The Pokemons are difficult to catch except you have poke balls. So, you can carry the poke balls around to catch the pocket monsters that come to terrorize your territory. Everything happening in the pokemon GO game has been mirrored in this Grand Theft Auto game mod. The GTA 5 poke ball mod is created to give you an upper hand in the war against the pokemons.

What’s GTA 5 Pokemon Mod?

Pokemon game is an exciting one that gives every gamer a reason to play many hours without boredom. The Japanese franchise has been introduced in the Grand Theft Auto through the gta 5 poke ball mod. So, you already have an opportunity to begin to catch your foes with the help of the poke balls provided.


The GTA 5 modification comes with various features that will make your gaming fun and interesting. You must make the foes fight on your side to defend your territory as you catch them with the poke ball. The poke balls have the ability to weaken the pocket monsters, leaving them at your mercy.

Things you should know about the Poke Ball mod

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Weakening the foes with the poke ball will make them unable to break free to destroy your Poke Ball. The weakening intensity of the enemy will be dependents on the toughness of the opponent. With the peds dying from a mere slap, you may find it difficult to get enough gangs to fight against your enemies.

Pokemon GO mod script for GTA 5

How to install the Pokemon GO Mod for GTA V

Getting Poke Ball is the first step in defeating your enemies here. It is the first thing you need to make sure that the opponent does not over power you easily. Your creativity is equally required when it comes fighting against the opponents with the help of your captured foes.

Go on and take advantage of amazing features associated with the gta 5 poke ball mod, and you will be happy that you did. GTA Cache is created to give you detailed information you need regarding the poke ball game mod.

Final Words

Join among those that can enjoy Grand Theft Auto with the help of the gta 5 poke ball mod. It is the game modification that will meet your gaming needs and enhance your super hero ability. Figure out the best way to weaken the foes with the poke balls, and you will become unbeatable in this game. To installation process for this game mod is easy and fast.