How to Give Money in GTA 5 Online

Learn how to give away money in GTA Online by Edward Carr.

This write up will focus on how to give money in GTA 5 Online. In this world, giving somebody some money require certain approach. Also, like the real world, not all fingers are equal. This implies that not everybody is rich as well as poor. Wealth is not evenly distributed.

Some must be rich while some are poor. Let us quickly look at some ways in which you can give money to friends in GTA Online. It is to be noted that it may not be limited to this anyway.

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Giving Money through the System Menu

Many players are always on the lookout for information on how to give money in GTA Online. We will just quickly highlight few steps that you can take to give a cut of your virtual money among your friends. The steps are as below:

  • Quickly navigate to the “Interaction” menu.
  • In the “Interaction” menu, select “Inventory”.
  • Having completed the step above, select “Cash”.
  • After selecting “Cash” as above, select “Share Cash from Last Job”.

When you get to the last job done, you will see how much money you have earned from your last mission completed. You can then decide to give all or some percentage to the online players in your session.

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The VIP Job

The VIP work can be utilized in knowing how to give money in GTA 5. At first, you need to become a VIP or CEO through the “Interaction” menu. As a VIP, you have the privilege of inviting your friends or any other players for missions that will be assigned to you. After a mission is completed, another one is given to you.

For a successful mission, certain amount of money is given to you, and can also be shared with your friends who may be invited to work as bodyguards.

So, if your friends are part of the team, they will receive their part of the share. Otherwise, you may decide to give them a cut from the money you make from every successful mission as the case may be.

Final Words

In GTA Online, players really need money badly. Some of the things you need money for, are the acquisition of weapons, vehicles, properties and much more. And these things require a lot of money to acquire.

You also require a large volume of money almost to the tune of one million dollars with an exotic apartment as a prerequisite for you to register as a CEO or a VIP.

So, money is needed to climb higher and perform more exploits in this virtual world. Therefore, you must possess the skill cum the information that you need to get this money for you to play your game meaningfully.