GTA 5 Vehicle Cannon Mod Download

Download Vehicle Cannon Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


You want to test your shooting ability; the gaming world is the best place to get that done. Grand Theft Auto offers gamers an opportunity to showcase their ability while competing against opponents. You can learn how to target and shoot as you go for the GTA 5 vehicle cannon mod script. The game mod that can give you a superhero role as you shoot from a car to kill your foes takes over their property. You are a master shooter whose job is to target the enemy on the road and fire bullet straight to their skull.

What’s Super Mario Mod?

Check out for the GTA 5 vehicle cannon mod exceptional features to understand what you stand to gain. The game mod is created to ensure satisfaction to every player. There are different guns available for you to select when you want to fight against your enemies or compete with friends. You can also shoot with vehicles, to destroy the territory of your enemies without hesitation. All the things to make your gaming exciting are available on this vehicle cannon mod.

How the mod works

Whether you are a PS4 console gamer, or you are among the new PC gamer that wants to benefit more from the Grand Theft Auto V, you are not to worry as you have landed in the right place. Check out for the GTA 5 vehicle cannon mod to learn everything you should know about the game mod, and you will be glad that you did. You will find out the simplest ways to take advantage of the game feature. Explore the control setting to select from the following:

  • “Shoot” with L1 to continue shooting immediately you stick your gun on a car
  • Aim + Shoot to position the gun and fire at your target
  • To shoot your gun immediately, you should press R1.

Is it possible put guns in your car in the vehicle cannon mod?

There are many weapons available for gamers in the Grand Theft Auto. The weapon presented will be dependent on the mode you are playing at a given time. The popular game weapons include the Tank Cannons, Mounted Rocket, Machine Gun, and more. The Tank Cannons are created for the gta 5 vehicle cannon mod. To understand more about how to use this game mod, you should keep reading down below.

How to install the GTA 5 Vehicle Cannon mod

It is interesting for you to know that the vehicle gun mod installation is easy. Install this game mod in your PC to enjoy the features. Confirm the specified device capacity before installation to avoid delay or any other challenge. Your gaming experience will be enhanced as you take advantage of the things provided on this world-renowned platform.