GTA 5 After Hours SP Mod Download

Download After Hours Mod for GTA 5 uploaded by Max Edwards.


Do you think you are already an entertainer? You can prove yourself in the GTA 5 video game today through the use of the After Hours mod. The GTA 5 after hours SP mod is added to allow entertainers to showcase their skill in the virtual world. It is created to give you a chance to run a nightclub and see how far you can go in it.

That is why you should go on and take advantage of the opportunity this game mod has to offer. Some world-renowned DJs such as Tales of Us, DJs Solomun, Black Madonna, Dixon, and more are now added in the game mod.

What’s After Hours Mod?

The GTA 5 after hours mod is provided to allow every PC player to enjoy the Grand Theft Auto differently. GTA game fans are provided with a lot of features that will make them happy as they play the game. You can learn how to run a nightclub through this renowned game.


GTA cache is provided to give everyone a chance to learn and enjoy the fun with the fully scripted nightclub game mod. Acquire the knowledge that will make your life better through the GTA game mod here.

Get the Nightclub Feel with GTA 5 After Hours Mod

For an immersive gaming experience that will allow you to live your real life, you should consider checking out or the gta 5 after hours mod.  In this game mode, you have an opportunity to take the role of any character, such as DJ, and more. Some of the things you can do as you go on with this GTA 5 game mod include:

  • Play the trending dancing minigame
  • Buzz on expensive champagne
  • Customize your nightclub with name, style, DJ, and more
  • Choose the right DJ to enhance the fun and entertaining experience you enjoy in the nightclub.
after hours mod for SP

Explore the Open World with After Hours Mod

For a smoother gaming experience in Grand Theft Auto, you should try out the GTA 5 after hours mod. Check through the game features to enjoy the revamp music as you play the minigame.

Los Santos, according to Rockstar, is popularly known as the bright light city with long night life and dirty secrets. The city even comes dirtier when you journey through it in the GTA 5 game. Grand Theft Auto V has been made better through the inclusion of this renowned game mod. You can find out about the mod as you browse through GTA cache today.

Things That Made The After Hours Script Better

The Grand Theft Auto allows you to enjoy the multiplayer gaming experience with more than 30 players from different parts of the world. At the onset of this game mod release, it was condemned by many reviewers as the features seams repetitive to other mods available on the internet. But, following the regular updates, the GTA 5 after hours mod has becomes the delight of people.