GTA 5 Monkey Mosaic Locations

Find all monkey mosaic artwork locations in GTA Online published by Edward Carr.

map with all space monkey mosaic artwork locations

Find All Monkey Mosaic Artworks in Los Santos

Welcome to the right online platform to learn more about the GTA 5 space monkey mosaic artwork locations. There are many things to pay attention to when you want to play the Grand Theft Auto game. The game offered various types of collectibles, and players are expected to get as many collectibles as they can to make their game easy.

The Space Monkey Mosaics are among the collectibles the GTA 5 players playing on the Xbox One and PS4 are expected to get. These are the artistic works by one of the popular, but known authors created and spread across San Andreas. So, you can go on and check through the GTA Cache to know more about the collectible.

There are more than 50 space monkey mosaics collectibles in Los Santos, and you are expected to spot them. Counts are awarded to players that take photographs of the artistic works available in Los Santos. You do not need a special camera to snapshot the space monkeys in the city, as your cellphone will be enough to take the photograph of the 50 unique collectibles to enjoy a full reward.

Some things you should know about the monkey mosaics

There are some things you should know before going ahead to search for the collectibles. You should be aware that the number of Space Monkey Mosaic you get can be tracked directly from the general tab. The tab is in the stat section of the statistics option available for players. The stat is created to show the number of collected Mosaic for every player.

You will learn more about the locations of the collectible as you check through the GTA Cache. All the locations provided are easy to find. That is the reason you should take your time to read through it as you read to the end of this post.

Rewards on Completion

The space monkey mosaic locations are provided to meet the needs of every player. A Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista Car awaits you after completing the challenge.

The Space Monkey Mosaic is among the collectibles provided to allow gamers to get the reward they have always desired. But, the challenge has always been to find the space monkey mosaics locations.

Rewards are the motivation for people when it comes to facing challenges. Your cellphone will serve an important purpose as it is needed to snap the whole Space Monkey Mosaic in different locations.

New clothes with some customization options for the Trevor are offered to those that have completely snapped the monkey mosaics. More so, you are expected to photograph the unknown author of the collectibles. However, you should have it at the back of your mind that to finish this game, you must be among the returning players.

monkey mosaic artwork

Get space monkey clothes for Trevor

Do you want to get a new outfit created for the Trevor? Then, you should try your best to picture all the Fifty Space Monkey Mosaics. The completion of this action will give you an opportunity to be rewarded automatically.

Unfortunately, you can’t use this in online mode. But, if you are playing with Xbox One or PS4, you will be sure to get the prizes after collecting 50 collectibles. Take advantage of the GTA 5 space monkey mosaics locations provided to make gaming online more entertaining and satisfying.

Monkey Mosaic Artwork Locations

Paleto Bay

To find the GTA 5 space monkey mosaics locations, you should check through the map. If you do not know how to read a map, you may not be able to locate the place to find the Mosaic collectible. Many locations are available for you to benefit more from the collectibles. You will find enough of the collectibles to stand a chance of getting the prize for snapping all the monkey mosaic.

Paleto Bay is one of the locations you should always know when it comes to reaching out to the collectible of your choice. To find the collectible on the palate bay, you should check through the wall edge located at the back of the gas station.

One more thing about the location is that it houses different locations of the collectibles. Check at the back of the barbershop located at the small alley, which locked metal entrance and electric box. Checking these places will allow you to find collectible in Paleto Bay.

North Chumash

North Chumash is another wonderful location to find the collectible and be rewarded with ease. Traveling to the North Chumash will allow you to grab the collectibles as you check around the corner. Go on and take advantage of the map to discover more about the Monkey Mosaic.

To find the collectible here, you should check at the bottom of a large pillar within the southern bridge. That is where you will be sure of taking pictures of the collectible. North Chumashi is among the popular GTA 5 space monkey mosaics locations you should know as you continue to play this exciting game.

The Grand Senora Desert

Have you been searching for the GTA 5 space monkey mosaics locations? You are not to search further as the Grand Senora Desert is among the places to find the collectibles. The Senora Desert is one place you will find Money Mosaic without passing through stress.

To find the collectible from this location, you must pay attention to detail. Check between the two pallets of wood within the recycling containers. The collectible is located at the back of the building within a clothing store.

Check at this location to picture collectible to increase your chances of being rewarded.

Zancudo River

Find out the safest ways to picture collectible as you check through the location presented here. You will not have to pass through stress to locate this spot with the help of the map. Take your time reading through the map to understand more about collectible within the spot.

The Zancudo River is one of the places you can find the collectible. Visit the Zancudo River to find one of the safest GTA 5 space monkey mosaics locations in San Andreas. To find the collectible, check the back of the clothing at the age of the wall and Ammu-nation stores located at the front entrance.

Just as you have done on the Grand Senora Desert, you can always find the hidden collectible as you check through the Zanudo River.

Alamo Sea

Have you visited the Alamo Sea in San Andreas as you play Grand Theft Auto? Do you want to find out the best locations for the collectible in the GTA 5 game? No worries as you have come to the right online platform where your needs will be met.

Alamo Sea is among the space monkey mosaics locations you should know. Check the location regularly to understand more about the right place to find the collectible.

You must be ready to take a photograph of the Space Monkey Mosaic to be qualified for the reward available for all members.

Sandy Shores

The Sandy Shores is among the GTA 5 space monkey mosaics locations where the collectibles are placed. But same as other locations, the collectibles are not placed where people can see them. That is why you should be ready to search the map as you get to the location.

The Alamo Sea is one place you should always remember to check when you want to find out more about the collectible to picture and get a prize. In the Alamo Sea, the collectible is located inside the ruined house. Search the small room located at the back of the boarded-up entrance.

To get the image you want, you may have to take more than one shot using your cellphone. But, the truth is that you are expected to make pictures that can count.

Final Words

You already have the opportunity to make your GTA5 gaming experience wonderful and fun as you check through the locations provided for collectibles. You will also search for the locations on the map provided.

Another thing you should know about the locations is that they are all created uniquely to make the game more exciting and interesting. That is why you should go on and check through the GTA 5 space monkey mosaics locations to picture as many space monkey mosaic as possible.