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GTA San Andreas Mod Menu

Download the updated GTA San Andreas mod menu verified by Max Edwards.

  • Size: 61.9MB
  • Downloads: 192,074
  • User rating: 4.7/5
GTA San Andreas cheat menu gameplay

Updated mod menu for GTA San Andreas

A mod menu for the popular open-world game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” has been released by a group of developers who go by the name “Script Hook V”. The mod menu allows players to access a variety of in-game cheats and modifications, including the ability to fly. The menu can be installed on PC, Xbox One, PSP and Playstation 4 versions of the game.

What’s a mod menu?

GTA San Andreas mod menu, popularly known as a “trainer” is a mod for the game that allows players to modify various settings and features in the game.The menu has many features, such as enabling or disabling cheats, spawning vehicles and objects, changing the weather, and more. It also includes a built-in trainer which can be used to modify player stats, such as health, armor and money.