GTA San Andreas Graffiti Tag Locations

GTA San Andreas graffiti tag location map

To give the Grove Street Gang the respect they deserve, you can complete the graffiti mission with CJ in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition and spray over a total of 100 graffiti tags from enemy gangs. Here we show you all the locations of the tags and the rewards on the map and in the video.

Find all 100 graffiti tag locations (GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition)

What the hidden packages were in GTA 3 and GTA Vice City, in Los Santos they are the 100 graffiti that you have to spray over with a can of spray paint. Relatively at the beginning of the game you will be introduced to this task in Sweet’s mission “Tagging Up Turf”, where you will directly spray over the first 6 graffiti. You will have to find the remaining 94 tags yourself.

For this task you need a spray can with enough “ammunition”. Enter CJ’s house and go to the second floor. In the room on the right you will always find supplies. Save the game in between, leave the house and enter it again, so that the can respawns and you can pick it up again for more ammo. You will need about 5,000 units of paint for all 100 graffiti.

The graffiti are located exclusively in the Los Santos city area and are accessible from the beginning. Note that you’ll get a mugshot star if you spray near a police officer. Near enemy gangs, the members will also attack you while spraying. All 100 graffiti are necessary if you want to reach 100% game completion in GTA San Andreas.

Rewards for the graffiti missions

  • You will always get some respect for spraying graffiti.
  • Once you have sprayed all 100 graffiti tags, the Grove Street gang members will have better weapons (Knife, Desert Eagle and MP5).
  • In the kitchen of CJ’s house, an AK-47, Tec-9 (MP), sawed-off shotgun and Molotov cocktails spawn.